Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Care First Use/First Impressions

I have been wanting to try Innersense Organic Beauty hair products for quite some time now. After seeing super talanted Curly stylists such as Krista Leavitt, Scott Musgrave and Robin Sjoblom rave about the products, and post pictures of their clients using these products, I could not wait to get my hands on them! I then watched the brand do a little info video on Periscope a few weeks ago which only made me want these even more.  This was a love a first use situation for me, which is why I decided to do a First Use/First Impressions blog post before even doing my usual, uber thorough review (which will come) Continue reading on for more!

According to their website, the Innersense brand "was founded on the principles of organic beauty and wellness" Not only are the products organic and cruelty free, they also contain no toxins, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, parabens and other fillers! The products all contain several organic extracts, oils and butters that help nourish, strengthen and product the hair. Their facebook page describes the brand as "Pure Hand Crafted products derived from Certified Organic and Biodynamic ingredients, free of all manmade synthetics and toxins"

I was told these products were concentrated and a little goes a long way. That statement is true and I was glad to know beforehand, as I am often very heavy handed when applying products. I do know I will use up the conditioner faster than the shampoo, but that is no surprise. To me, shampoo:conditioner bottle ratios should come in 1:3!

The smell of this line is AMAZING. Mostly all of the products I tried smelled good- flowery and herbally but very natural and not offensive. The shampoo and gel were my favorite scents- they smelled like oranges, so delicious! The only scent I was not a fan of was the conditioner- it is a strong herbal/jasmine smell. I wish it smelled more like the shampoo and gel!  In fact, yesterday before my massage appointment I put a little gel in my dry hair to get a feel of it and my massage therapist actually asked me what was different in my hair because it smelled so good!

In the pictures styled here, I used all of the Innersense products except for an oil to seal. 

First I applied the Color Awakening Shampoo. This is a gentle cleansing hair bath that is 100% color safe and includes Pumpkin Seed Extract. Shea Butter, Palm Seed and Coconut Oil. For a sulfate free product, it lathered quite nicely. It left my hair feeling very clean and prepped for the products to follow. I kept inhaling the wonderful orange aroma. This is not any sort of "co-wash" and I definitely felt the need for the conditioner right after.
If you know me, you know I usually prefer hair masques over conditioners so for a regular, "rinse out" conditioner to moisturize and hydrate my hair enough on it's own- well that is HUGE! The Color Radiance Daily Conditioner actually moisturized my hair without me feeling the need to use a masque. And what's more, it did so quicky and without using up half the bottle!!! This conditioner revitalizes and nourishes the hair with extracts such as Rice Bran,Oat Kernal, Rice and Soy Proteins, and Sunflower Extract. It infuses anti-oxidants into the hair, helps to prevent color fade and helps to restore hair's natural moisture balance. I left it in my hair for about 7 minutes- significantly less time than when I use a masque. I was able to finger detangle very easily and it had nice slip too. When I rinsed with cool water, my hair felt so good.

After I rinsed out my conditioner I squeeze dried the excess water with my curly tee towel. I applied all of my styling products section by section raking them through my hair and scrunching a little bit. I went in this order: Leave-In, Quiet Calm, then I Create Hold. After I applied them all I twisted my hair up in my curly tee when doing my face and body care regimen. When I took my hair down I applied the only non innersense beauty product I used here- SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser. I always like sealing my hair with an oil and did not have an Innersense oil to use.

I also went back and applied a dime size amount of the I Create Hold Gel on my hair dry to help the little bit of "pouf" my hair had from being outside in the humidity too long. 

The Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight detangler that adds hydration and shine and leaves the hair radiant, silky and resilient. I like that it added more moisture to my very dry and damaged hair. Out of all of the products, this was the product I used the most of but I still didn't use all that much versus how much product I really use. This product can also be used on second or third day hair to refresh- I look forward to using it tomorrow again.

Quiet Calm Curl Control is a very lightweight cream that defines curls and eliminates frizz. It contains Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil and Oat Kernal Extract to hydrate and set curls. At the length my hair is at now, I have been stretching my curls out so my length looks longer and not focusing on the greatest curl definition possible but i look forward to adding this in when my hair is longer and I go for more curl definition. I think this did an excellent job at taming frizz! As I mentioned, it is very lightweight so it did not feel like an additional layer of product in my hair.  The bottle says you can also use it on dry hair to reshape curls and eliminate frizz so I plan on testing that out tomorrow too.
I Create Hold is a styling gel with styling control. The smell is so delightful! I want to drink it (but I won't) It gives the hair manageable hold and shine with Organic Honey. Organic Rooibos Tea adds antioxidant protection and Nettle and Rosemary extracts combine to add incredible shine and gloss to the hair. This gel did not dry crunchy, stiff or tacky in my hair! My hair really does feel so incredibly soft and I think this has excellent hold- not hard but not super lightweight.
Overall, I loved that after I used these products my hair felt super super soft, looked incredibly shiny and i had virtually no frizz. Really, the only place on my head I noticed some frizz/misbehavior is my super damaged, bleched ends that need a trim and need to just grow out already. Nothing short of a miracle would have those ends behave but I will say using these products, when my hair air dried today they look A LOT better than they have been looking!!!

The other thing I notice, and I guess it makes sense because the shampoo and conditioner are for color treated hair is that overall my colors (because with growing my natural hair color out my hair is like 4 different colors right now. heh) look so much better. The colors not only have more dimension, but they are blend into each other a lot better. I don't know if that comes across in the pictures here.

tried to take a "selfie" of the back of my head. sorry it is blurry

Also, when I dried my hair I used Ricky's NYC Creaseless clips to tame the hairline wonky waves like this:

So as far as first impressions go, I am IMPRESSED! I will continue to post some "hair of the day" and updated review blogs with this brand and I use the products. =) I am curious to see how the Quiet Calm cream performs on it's own on wet hair too, and if I can use the Conditioner as a leave in. I will report back!

Innersense also has quite a few other products I have my eye on right now!

Oh and good news! I found a promo code! If you want to order off InnersenseBeauty's website you can use code "THINK-DIRTY" for 20% off your order! Orders more than $50 get free shipping too.  I have no clue when the code expires, sorry.

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own and honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

was founded on the principles of organic beauty and wellness. It’s based on organic lifestyle choices that encourage health, vitality and balance. - See more at:
was founded on the principles of organic beauty and wellness. It’s based on organic lifestyle choices that encourage health, vitality and balance. - See more at:


  1. Your hair looks very soft, and I agree about the colors blending well! I try to use the most natural and organic products, so this might be next on my list to try.

    1. you totally should take advantage of the promo code!!


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