Tarte Cosmetics Friends & Family Sale: My Picks On What To Get!

Tarte Cosmetics is having their 30% off Friends & Family Sale! From now until August 3rd you can save on all your tarte orders on their site here!

Being a big fan of tarte for years, I have my favorite products that I continue to buy over and over. I usually use this generous sale to stock up on Holy Grails, as well as buy items I have had my eye on for a while.
Continue reading for my picks on what to get!

As I mentioned, I am a big tarte fan. They are one of my top favorite cosmetics brands out there. Before I stopped Youtube, I actually had more videos about tarte products than any other makeup or skin care! Truth be told, there are very few tarte products I tried I did not love- and I think these products actually got discontinued! It was very hard for me to limit my list and the order here is completely random.

Colored Clay CC Eye Primer Stick
Tarte is my go to for eyeshadow primers. I usually use a tarte eye shadow primer, fall in love but it gets discontinued only to be replaced by something that is even better! I love the Eye Primer stick because not only does any shadow I wear on top of it last and not crease until I wash my face at night, even hours later- but if I am not wearing shadow it covers the discoloration of my eyelids and the colored clay is treating my delicate eye area skin at the same time! The stick formula makes it super easy and quick to apply.

Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara
Tarte makes a lot of nice mascaras, but this is #1 for me. There is a slight learning curve to using this, but once you master it (it's easy I promise) you may never need fake lashes again! The spoolie has short bristles on one side and a comb on the other. You use the short side first followed by the comb. It doesn't flake and wears for hours. My super blonde, almost non-existent lashes nearly touch my eyebrows and the pigment is super black and glossy. Pair it with tarte's lash primer for even more of a dramatic effect.

Multipleye Prime Lash Primer
I believe this is now replaced with the "Opening Act" lash primer. I have not tried the new version yet but I adore the Multipleye Lash Primer. It gives extra thickness and volume to any mascara worn on top, and conditions the lashes at the same time!

Maracuja Bronzing Serum
I usually use the pure Maracuja Oil as the last step in my skincare and have been doing so since 2011- it has helped my skin tremendously. In the warmer months, I switch it out for this magic elixir. It has the same benefits as the pure stuff but with a gradual self tanner that builds up to give you a very natural glow. Since I hide my face like crazy from the sun and use high SPF, self tanner on my face and neck in the Summer is a must to match the rest of my body which always gets more color.

Double Detox Amazonian Clay Exfoliating Facial Mask
I use this once a week. I love that this clay mask is fast drying- under 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 10-20. Keeps my pores clear from gunk and skin feeling soft! A little goes far so the tube lasts quite a while.

Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Brightener
I use this on my lower waterline which is usually red. It brightens up my whole eye area, doesn't irritate my sensitive eyess. It stays on my very watery eyes all day! Bonus is it is a twist up so no need to sharpen.

Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Pressed Finishing Powder
I actually just used this all up- the packaging wore off because I carried it everywhere! Thts powder mattifies skin, controls oil, and provides the treatment of Amazonian Clay on my skin. My combination skin adores this stuff. Because this is colorless (this also comes in shades) I use it every single day, even if I don't have other makeup on. I liked the pressed version since it is not messy and easy to carry.

BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour SPF Primer
My very favorite of all the tarte primers. When my acne prone skin is behaving, I can get away with just using this as my sole foundation. It has light-medium coverage. I really like the matte finish too. It evens out my skin and any foundation I do wear over it glides on better. I also love that there are anti-aging ingredients and chemical free SPF inside!

I truly believe that tarte started the popular "crayon lipstick" phenomenon with these. They are so easy to use you don't need a mirror and they twist up so no need to sharpen. Colors and finishes vary, based on the formula, but some of them are extremely pigmented! If you haven't tried these cult classic lippies yet, you should! The "energy" color is awesome because it is a pink that adjusts with your body's unique chemistry to adjust to your own perfect shade!!

The Sculptor
This crayon  makes contouring so effortless! It is super easy to use and my face looks slimmer in a minute! If you like to highlight too they offer a double ended version with a highlighter on the other side.

Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector
Some can use this all by itself, I like it under my concealer. I have extremely dark, dark circles and the peach tone in this helps cancel the blue out before conceal covers completely. An extra step that takes 20 seconds in my routine but makes a world of a difference.

I am going to stop here. I could keep going- I love all of their self tanning products, the eye shadow palettes, blushes..so much!! As I mentioned earlier, it was hard for me to narrow down.

About their foundations: Tarte has many formulas and I have had success with  most of them (side note: I still miss the old ReCreate Foundation). The original Amazonian Clay 12 Hour full coverage foundation, the Colored Clay Liquid Foundation and the newer Maracuja Foundcealer (which actually isn't on their site) are my 3 favorites for my acne prone, combination skin. They all have more matte finishes, full coverage and wear all day for me.

Make sure you check out tarte's sale section too- the 30% off works on already reduced sale items!!

I hope you found this helpful when shopping tarte's friends & family sale!

disclaimer: not a sponsored post. No monetary compensation, or anything, received for my doing this. All opinions are my own and honest, as always.

<3 Diane

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