Doll 10 Beauty Gel Lip Crayon Trio Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Gel Lip Crayon trio from Doll 10 Beauty! I really love this brand and wish QVC would give them more air time but I am SO EXCITED! Doll 10 has a one hour QVC show today, August 3rd at 4pm EST! I wish I realized this earlier and I would have tried to do this blog post a few days ago. Nonetheless, if you missed the show you can watch the on air presentations on Read on for more about the Lip Crayon Trio!

Doris Dalton, the wonderful creator of Doll 10 Beauty, knows how to do lip products right! Every lippie I ever tried from the brand, and trust me I have quite a nice collection, I fell in love with. We can now add these lip crayons to the list!

Here is what has to say about them:
Sheer brilliance! Doll 10 Lip Crayons combine the shine of a lip gloss with the nourishment of a balm to create the perfect hybrid--without compromise!
Who is it for: Anyone looking for the perfect combination of color and care for lips. The three wearable shades, and their beneficial ingredients, are appropriate for all skin types.
Why is it different: These Lip Crayons are lightweight, non-sticky, and comfortable to wear. The balm-like texture glides effortlessly over lips, providing a wash of sheer color. They are also formulated with ingredients that provide antiaging benefits. Drench your lips in intense moisture!"

I have not been able to put these lip crayons down- they are amazing!! I will get to colors and swatches in a minute but this formula is really incredible. They feel more moisturizing than some actual "lip treatments" I have used in the past and all 3 of them have such a beautiful amount of shine without being too overly glossy. They make my lips feel better than when I apply lip balm.

All three colors have nice pigment, not the most intense pigment ever, but they crayons were not designed for that. The pigment is buildible and gives off an excellent amount of color. They do not stain, but they aren't made to be a lip stain. Do not let the fact they have shine intimidate you either- they feel nothing like tacky, sticky lip glosses!

These are also super easy to use. The crayon lip lets you line easy with the point and fill in your mouth effortlessly. No need to sharpen them either- they twist up from the bottom.

Speaking of all three colors, all three are beautiful! Usually with lipstick kits or trios there is always one or two colors I pass on, but all three of these are very wearable and such beautiful shades of pink.

pinky swear, wild card, sheer bliss- no flash

pinky swear, wild card, sheer bliss- flash
pinky swear

 This color is a perfect neutral pink. Not too bright, not too light- literally just right (yay for my rhyming!) his color has pretty warm undertones without any orange that some lippies with orange undertones can have, this is a good thing.

wild card
This is the brightest of the bunch but it is not scary-shock vibrant and can easily be worn by ladies of all ages! It is a bit more of a berry than the pinky swear, but I still wouldn't necessarily put this into a deep berry category. This one has cool undertones. I usually gravitate towards colors with more cool undertones, and I also like brighter colors so there is no surprise that of the three, this one is my personal favorite!


sheer bliss
The lightest and most neutral of the lip crayons. This is a champagne color and is beautiful by itself. Or if you have a matte lipstick that is a pretty color but drying on the lips you can use this over it to add a drop of shine and a lot of moisturization!

Overall I really do like all three shades. They are extremely wearable and make my lips feel amazing! They are perfect if you prefer a natural looking lip and all 3 would pair wonderfully with a heavier eye shadow look!

By the way, sorry my dark circles are so pronounced even with makeup over them in these pictures. I had an extremely active weekend (hiked over 8 miles!) and did not sleep well, so it is showing a bit. :P

You can find them here on QVC and also on!

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. no monetary compensation recieved. all reviews are my own and honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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