Hair of the Day 1 & 2: Aphogee Treatment, Start of Original Moxie Challenge

After a fun vacation and washing the hair a lot, plus subjecting it to chlorine and salt water I knew it was time to give my hair a good treatment. I also wanted to clarify it and prepare it before I start a challenge I will tell you more about. Continue reading for more!

I'm sorry in both day 1 and 2 I don't have makeup on. Day 1 the pictures were taken late in the day when I was hanging out and Day 2 I've been in and out of the pool all day, so no need for makeup!

Confession: I haven't clarified my hair in way too long. Not sure why, but I didn't and had to. I decided to clarify my hair using my favorite clarifying shampoo: The Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo. Not only does this shampoo smell delicious, but it thoroughly cleans the hair while still leaving it feeling soft and moisturized! Right away when I rinsed it my hair felt cleaner, softer and lighter.

Next I wanted to give my hair a good protein treatment. This is my second time using the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment. You can read about why it is great and my first time using it here. It has been a month since I last used it. I followed it up with the Aphogee moisturizer mixed with the SheaMoisture Intense Hydration Masque. I noticed I have been shedding a bit more lately and after doing this treatment it seemed I shed aq bit less in the shower. I am also pretty over due for a trim- I've just been searching and destroying as I go along.

Now to style I used all Original Moxie products! Starting now, after I clarified and did a treatment I will be using only (or at least mostly only--eerrrr primarily?) Original Moxie products for a minimum of a month, or until they run out. It's an Original Moxie challenge to see how my hair reacts to just using the one brand for a while. They are one of my top favorite hair brands so I do look forward to seeing what happens, experimenting and playing with all of their different products in various combinations and telling you all about it!

This is from on why their products work so well:
"Part of what makes our products so effective is the superior quality (and quantity) of the natural ingredients they contain.  From high potency herbal infusions to rich botanical oils and extracts, our carefully crafted formulas are packed with ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out."

I allowed my hair to air dry with the front wonky waves clipped back like so:

Here is what I used today, applying all products in section by section after towel blotting excess water out of my hair.
Original Moxie Every Day Leave In
Seriously love at first use. This is one product by OM I never tried before and wish I had! It's creamy but not crazy thick, smells nice and provides the perfect amount of moisture back into my hair. It contains great ingredients including "Pumpkin Seed Oil and Shea Butter are excellent sources for Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. These two superstars of the natural world deeply penetrate the hair, making it softer, stronger and more hydrated." I also look forward to trying this on day 2 and 3 hair to add moisture back in soon. This may be Holy Grail status.

Original Moxie Oasis
This is a fantastic product. Often I like the combine it with their Hold Up Serum but today I used it solo. It also defines my hair and adds such incredible shine. It's actually a treatment and styler in one so I like how it lives in my damage hair until next wash to help repair it. The star ingredient is "Sodium Lactate, a naturally occurring humectant found in human skin,  attracts moisture from the air and helps to hydrate porous, damaged hair."

Original Moxie Twist Mist
I used this to seal my hair since I don't like not sealing it with some kind of oil. I sprayed this into my hands first and not directly on my hair. This smells creamy and orangey, probably one of my favorite Original Moxie scents! Included in this lightweight oil blend are "Evening Primrose Oil, rich in gamma linoleic acids and Omegas 3 & 6, feeds dry hair and helps prevent and soothe inflamed, irritated scalps and Coconut Oil, with a very small molecular structure, is easily absorbed by the hair and skin and helps to deliver shine without heaviness."

My roots are still wet in these pictures. I wish my hair did not take so long to air dry but I wanted to take the pictures before laying down to watch TV with my dad and most likely ruining it a bit.
you can see the bad breakage damage in the back- it needs to get cleaned up quite badly.
I feel my hair is very soft day 1. I have an impressive amount of curl definition, considering I didn't over scrunch or even try to get it. I also see barely any frizz at all and am happily shocked from the amount of shine- even on my damaged bleached ends though by all means, they are far from perfect. Speaking of damaged bleached ends, they don't appear to look as rough or brittle as they have been so that is another plus.

I really look forward to all the bleached damaged being gone next year and for the shorter breakage pieces to grow and match the rest. My top layer is really the worst. The underneath looks so much healthier:

I woke up and worked out. I am on day 2 of the Body Beast DVDs and these work outs are no joke- I sweat A LOT. Because Original Moxie does not have a dry shampoo I used the VERB dry shampoo which I love. I didn't feel like re-washing my whole hair but my scalp needed something. After my workout I went in my pool- I have to look into if the Original Moxie product contain UV protection so I sprayed the ends with Living Proof Restore Spray since it does have UV protection so the sun doesn't fry them (I have a hat on top)

To style after the pool I used the Original Moxie Mane Tame, applying a tiny amount in section by section. This has a herbally sweet smell and a little goes a long way. My hair still looked shiny from the day before but this stuff helped with frizz and unwanted puff (seriously I hate volume in my hair) From my hair being tied back in the workout and under my hat in the pool, it stretched out a bit. I like this stretched out look better since it makes my hair appear longer.

Original Moxie Mane Tame
This is a frizz taming and shine serum. The site says it is even good for those of us who work out a lot to help refresh the hair! It contains "Citric Acid, which creates an acidic pH, seals the hair shaft, making it smooth and shiny and protecting it from humidity.  Flax Seed Extract provides strong, but highly touchable hold, while strengthening hair with natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and Omega Fatty Acids." I haven't tried it on wet hair yet, but I love it for days 2 and 3.

I have officially past the 6 month/half a year mark since last time I got my hair colored at all!! 

I am excited to keep you updated on the Original Moxie challenge!
You can find Original Moxie on their site and also now at Sephora!!!!

<3 Diane

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