Day 1 & 2 Hair of the Day: Trim and Original Moxie Challenge Continues

The Original Moxie challenge continues! I will show you my hair from over the weekend, product combinations used and also talk about the self trim I so bravely did. Read on for more.

 If you read my last blog post, you probably remember I have laptop issues. Well my laptop is now under the care of the Best Buy Geek Squad and I should have it back in a week. The good news is I think they are backing up and restoring all of my pictures (thank God) and music. The guy said something about a new hard drive and stuff- all I know getting it fixed is NOT cheap! I really, really need to find a full time job.
For now I am uploading pictures directly from iPhone to blogger and typing on my parents desktop.
Anyway, back to hair...

The night before I used the Scalp Therapy on my scalp and Emollience throughout my lengths again to sleep on. My Emollience full review is coming soon. 

scalp therapy inside
Scalp Therapy I mentioned last post this is a liquidy clay. It is important to shake it up before use so the oils and goodies inside evenly distribute. I like the cooling feeling and am enjoying this as a scalp treatment to encourage growth overnight. I look forward to seeing what continued use does. "It contains a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, Blue Cypress which is rich in Azulene, and has long been used to protect and heal the skin in harsh desert environments. They paired it with Andiroba Oil, a healing Amazonian oil, and have enhanced these therapeutic agents with a rich selection of natural ingredients.  The perfect antidote for sore, dry, or itchy scalps and when paired with regular massage, Scalp Therapy™ will stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth. It can also be used anytime to refresh and cleanse the scalp between washes."
 I cleansed and conditioned with the Get Clean No-Foam Shampoo & Intense Quench Deep Conditioner again. Because I was short on time, I only left the conditioner in about 7 minutes while I cleansed my body and shower stuff. I really love how hydrated my hair is feeling with this duo.

Styling wise I used the Every Day Leave In and sealed with the Twist Mist as I have been doing, but I decided to use the Hold Up Serum instead of Oasis Gel.

The Hold Up Serum I have loved since it debuted. A little bit of this goes such a long way. It is "a silicone-free defining concentrate that softens and strengthens hair while offering strong hold and curl activation. The star ingreident is Quinoa Protein, a gluten-free source of eight essential acids that offer superior repair, hydration, and shine for the hair. Oat Protein plays a supporting role by penetrating the hair to deliver reduced breakage and enhanced softness."
I actually love both those products combined together but they work well alone. Hold Up gives me nice definition, shine, frizz control and I think the main difference of that vs. Oasis is a stronger hold. It dries in a crunchy cast that is effortless to scrunch out. I am left with soft hair underneath. 

I styled my hair the same way I usually do- raking it in section by section after squeezing out excess moisture and clipping the front wonky pieces back. 

I decided to self trim my hair and mentioned it briefly in my last blog post. My ends were really bad, it's been 4 months since my Ouidad cut. Since going back to Ouidad isn't in my budget now and I literally only wanted a dusting of the fried ends, I figured I can attempt it myself. 2 hours later with a pair of hair sheers in my bathroom and here we are. I trimmed it dry, picking up sections by sections just snipping off the "past the point of no return ends"

My hair is still uneven do to the excess breakage- that needs to grow out. I also think one side may be a bit longer than the other but Tommie is swearing to me he can't tell. I had a bit of trouble doing my angles. I actually trimmed a bit off the hairline/bang area because of how horrible the ends were behaving. One side of my head the "bangs" are flowing nicely but the other side they are kind of just hanging there awkwardly. Not quite sure how to fix it and I don't want to cut more off just yet. I have to live with it for a week or so and figure something out. I'm actually debating doing eyebrow-grazing bangs since I let the hairline stretch out all the time anyway.

But my hair overall feels healthier since the trim, so that's a good thing. I'm sure I missed some dead ends so I will search and destroy as I go.

In the pictures, you can't quite see how awkward the bangs look in real life.
I love when I wind up going to see Tommie on Day 1 hair. It's so much easier for him to snap pictures of me. The shirt is from Lilly Pulitzer. Since I don't feel very pretty with my hair being damaged and so short, it's nice to wear bright colors and something to try and pick me up.

Day 2 
 So we decided to go to Seaside Heights Boardwalk. We were going to go to the beach in the morning but forecast said rain so we didn't- and then it was sunny & beautiful all day! It was humid and we were by the water so I put my hair half up, half down. The bangs were really misbehaving and annoying. I had them clipped down with Ricky's NYC creaseless clips in the car on the ride there.
I used the Original Moxie Mane Tame to help with frizz and add shine through the lengths. I used VERB Forming Fiber paste to hold down some frizzies on my hairline because I was not sure if Original Moxie had a pomade to use. I found out they do have a "Hair Bling Pomade" which I have a tiny sample of so I will try that next time.
The tie dye shirt is from 5 below. I love tie dye.

I can't wait for my hair to be long again- and especially have the front and breakage pieces grow out. I am glad it is feeling softer and healthier.

<3 Diane

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