Vacation Pictures: Jersey Shore 2015

So I just got back from vacation and settling in and wanted to share some of my favorite pictures and such! I kept my beauty routine relatively simple. Hair product wise- I brought a lot of SheaMoisture and actually gave a product I used to not like a second chance- and now I really like it! Continue reading for more.

So my boyfriend and I went on a mini road trip to a few places further down south in New Jersey along the shore: Wildwood, Cape May, Atlantic City and of course our favorite beach we go to all the time, Long branch. The furthest point away, Wildwood, was is about a 2 hour drive from Tommie's house. Luckily, he did the driving.

There is SO MUCH to do down there between the boardwalk, beach, waterpark, restaurants and arcades!

First we were at Wildwood a few days..

Our first day down Tommie bought me this most awesome necklace- it's a wave shaped into a heart! So me!! I love it so much.
 We just walked on the boardwalk and beach a lot that day. It was beautiful out. I had second day hair so I wore it half up, half down to make up cute but easy. My outfit is all from Kohl's and I decided to dress up like the Ocean. :)

Day 2 during the day we were at the Ocean Oasis & Raging Rapids water parks along the beach! They were so fun. I took pictures on a disposable waterproof camera- but I am having a hard time finding a store that will actually develop the film!! Apparently, film really is ancient.

At night we hung out on the Boardwalk again. My dress is from Lilly Pulitzer. The headband I got a few weeks ago in Menlo Park Mall. I have been loving headbands lately.

 I love Tommie's palm tree shirt here! He bought it the day before.

There was an awesome firework show on the boardwalk that night too.
 Also we discovered the most delicious snack ever. It's vacation so I didn't eat healthy 100% of the time =) This is a "Beaver Tail" Fried whole wheat dough rolled out with maple butter and chocolate syrup on top. it is served hot and is incredibly delicious. You can pick all different flavors you want on top but this one is my favorite.
 The following day we went to the Wildwood beach! The sand was SO SOFT. It was cloudy and a bit windy that day, it it didn't stop me from enjoying the water!

At night, again we went on the Boardwalk. The Wildwood Boardwalk is so big and there really is so many different places to eat and things to do every day.
 My dress is from Kohl's and that hooded cardigan I bought from Urban Outfitters years ago. My hair is still somewhat wet here- it took forever to dry after I washed it from the beach.
The following day the forecast called for Thundestorms, but lucky for us it didn't rain until later at night. We went to Cape May, a beautiful beach town, not that far from Wildwood for the day. I wish we brought our bathing suits for the beach there but it is okay. I fell in love with that town- hopefully next year we can stay overnight.
 Day 2 hair meant half up, half down again. It's just so easy. This is my favorite way for my to wear my hair until it grows longer.
 My shirt is from Lilly Pulitzer and the shorts are Lilly Pulitzer for Target (in a kids size! yay!) I have become obsessed with this brand lately!!

After Cape May we went back to Wildwood to sleep and the following day went to Atlantic City.
I was thrilled we had a room with an Ocean View!
 Once again, my shirt is Lilly Pulitzer. Shorts are from JC Penney.


 Tommie begged me to wear my hair down. I don't really like it down when I am out lately, but he does so I washed it that morning before leaving Wildwood and wore it down for him.
We walked around the Atlantic City boardwalk and the mall on the pier during the day and at night we dressed nice to go out to dinner and to the casino where I live on a penny slot since I am not a gambler. My dress is from the Lisa Rinna Collection off QVC.
For dinner we went to Guy Fieri's Chop House in the bally Casino. We both love food network. They had these s'mores tacos there that were, without a doubt, one of the best desserts of my entire life! I can't wait to go back to eat them again!
 After staying overnight in Atlantic City we went back to Tommie's house- but vacation was not over yet! The next day we drove down the Long Branch beach which is only about 35-40 minutes from Tommie. This is the beach we go to most weekend!

So overall vacation was much needed and very fun. It's always wonderful getting a week or so with my boyfriend nonstop and now that he's back to work (and I'm back to never ending job hunting) I miss him like crazy!

Of course I brought my proactiv plus, my clarisonic and all my skincare on my trip!

Here is all the makeup I packed, except for all the lip products because they live in my purse:
Tarte, It Cosmetics, Doll 10 & Mally are my top favorite makeup brands, as you can tell. If I have more time soon maybe I will do a blog and list what I use daily- although I rotate foundations and concealers every few weeks.

Hair wise I forgot to take a picture of everything I brought but I remember it for the most part:
-SheaMoisture mix of Anti-Breakage, Superfruit and Fruit Fusion Shampoos
-Mix of SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage, Superfruit & Fruit Fusion Masques*** (see blurb below)
-SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Root Lift (for hair growth benefits)
-SheaMoisture mix of Anti-Breakage & Castor Oil Lotions
-SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Mousse
-Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Glosser
-SheaMoisture Curl Souffle
-SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Texture Spray

I didn't use all the stylers every single day. Actually, the day I wore my hair down I used some of Tommie's hair spray by Tresemme and it helped keep my hair in place!

Remember how I said I re discovered a product?? It's the SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie! I tried it years ago and didn't like the scent and thought it was too heavy for my hair. But it keeps winning awards and people love it, and being that I was going to be at the beach in humidity the thought of something a bit heavier for my hair sounded perfect- and it was! A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I applied it on wet hair section by section after using the lotion as my leave in. Helped with frizz, add shine and define my curls. I don't love the scent, but I can deal with it.

Also, the mix of the SheaMoisture masques. One day Tommie needed conditioner because he already put his away so he used it! My boyfriend already has beautiful hair but this stuff took his hair to the next level! It was so soft and shiny. Pictures don't even do it justice!

 I hope you enjoyed my little vacation recap blog! Thanks for reading


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