Look of the Day: Hair, Makeup & Outfit

Yesterday was my dad's 70th birthday! We of course celebrated and will be celebrating again tomorrow! I threw a quick outfit together and posted a picture on instagram and was delighted by all the likes and comments! (thanks guys!!) I decided to elaborate further in a blog post. Read on for more.

Before I start, I have no idea why the quality of these pictures kind of suck! Not quite sure what was going on with my iPhone for them to be this bleh of quality so I do apologize for that. We were kind of rushing the pictures so I didn't realize until later.

The tank top is by Lilly Pulitzer. It is the Minka tank top in the print "Summer Haze" I love this print- the colors are so gorgeous and vibrant. It is a big flowy which was perfect because we went to a buffet and although I don't go too crazy, it's nice to conceal the stomach. ;) I am wearing it in size Extra Small.
The hot pink cardigan over it is from Express years and years ago. I paired them with PajamaJeans capri pants. I am OBSESSED with PajamaJeans! I haven't worn actual real denim in years as a result. They look like jeans but feel like sweat pants- amazing!

This was Day 3 hair! I can't wait to figure out how to wear my "bangs" down and have them look decent. They are wonky in the worst possible way right now and with the humidity they curl in the most horrible way you can imagine. The humidity was brutal so they got clipped back.
I sprayed my hair section by section using the Original Moxie Sweet Poof Spray. I love Original Moxie but this is not my favorite refresher spray because I prefer something a bit more moisturizing.
I went over the sections using a little bit of the Original Moxie Shape Shifter Re-Forming Creme.

I did wind up using one non Original Moxie product even though I am on the challenge. Eeeekk!!! To tame the fuzziness around my hairline and to keep stubborn frizz down I used the VERB Forming Fiber. I am not sure if Original Moxie has a strong hold pomade like that. What I like about the VERB fiber is it gets the job done but doesn't feel sticky or gross like some pomades can.

By the way, both Original Moxie and VERB are wonderful hair care brands that can now be found at Sephora! If you haven't tried them yet, the 15% or 20% off VIB coupon should be here in a few months and that would be a prime opportunity to do so!


Today was almost a total "QVC face"
Here is everything I used, broken down by brand..

Doll 10 Beauty
-Contour from Cheek to Chic Contour Palette
-360 Mascara
-Liner on Waterline in shade Navy

It Cosmetics
-No. 50 primer
-eyeshadows from The Romantics palette
-Brow Power Brow Pencil
-Ombre Blush in shade "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Mally Beauty
-Effortless Airbrush Foundation in shade Medium
-Perfect Prep Undereye Brightener
-Face Defender

-Amazonian Clay Concealer in shade Light
-CC Eyeshadow primer

My lips are the only non QVC brand item. They are the Stila liquid lipstick in shade "Bella". I received this in a Birchbox months ago and love it. It is long wearing- even through eating, drinking and kissing! However, it is drying as heck on my lips so I go over it with a lip balm.

 On the way to dinner we rode in my oldest brother's convertible. When I got outside I didn't realize the top was down. I did not want messy, knotty hair so I improvised with my cardigan to save my 'do :) I felt so 1960s esque & mod!
Thanks for reading. Even bigger thanks for those who leave me nice comments and love!

<3 Diane


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  2. Why don't you roll and pin the front pieces whilst there wet and let them dry like that so it's more in unison with your waves.

    1. thanks but i don't want to do that it won't look good


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