Original Moxie Shape Shifter & Hair of the Day

I am still going strong on the Original Moxie hair challenge! The longer I use this brand, the more and more I am loving the products and feel of my hair. I originally was going to stick to the one brand challenge just for a month, especially since I am a product junkie at heart...but I have decided to go until I use up the products because I have been that pleased.  Lately I have been playing around with the Shape Shifter which is such a unique product!! Read on for more.

The Shape Shifter Re-forming Creme is described on OriginalMoxie.com like this:

"Change your look in one easy step!  Our unique floral wax formula helps your hair to bend and stretch – allowing you to go from kinky to curly or straight to wavy without chemicals.  Depending on your needs, this amazing product can lengthen and “de-poof” curls or add pliability and wave to thick, straight hair. As a bonus, this ultra-rich crème also deep conditions, detangles, & smoothes along the way.  What It Is: An elasticizing and moisturizing cream gel.
Who It's For :Thick, straight hair that needs more wave and thick, curly or kinky hair that needs more stretch. 
Hot Tip: Shape Shifter™ rocks for extra-smooth blow outs!  Apply to wet hair before heat styling. 

What's In It: Jasmine and Tuberose Wax are natural plant derivatives obtained from the process of essential oil extraction.  Both are absorbed by the hair at uniquely high rates, allowing moisture to penetrate the cuticle and introducing more bend and flex into thick, coarse hair.  Flax Seed Gel adds touchable but strong hold, and adds staying power to the intended style.

How To Use It: Apply liberally in sections to soaking wet hair (spraying to re-wet, if necessary), & smoothing with fingers or a comb.  Do not rinse out!    FOR CURLY HAIR: Spiral, twist or allow to air dry to define & smooth the natural curl pattern.  FOR STRAIGHT HAIR: Finger twist hair in sections and loosely pin to secure while drying.   Additional curl can he added with hot rollers or a curling iron."

-My roots are still slightly wet in these day 1 pictures. They take FOREVER to dry!
 -I don't have a whole lot of makeup on, except a little concealer around my eye area because I have been outside and in and out of the pool so much :)
-Lip color is a mini tarte LipSurgence in the color "Dainty"
-Beautiful bathing suit cover up I am wearing in these pictures I bought at the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

The website describes the smell as "Subtly fruity and sweet" I find it to be a bit strong and very herbally. If I am being honest, and I am sorry to say- I do not like the smell of this product. However, it is not completely unbearable and the results are so good, and it doesn't linger so I can deal.

I have been using Shape Shifter on wet hair after any of the Original Moxie shampoos and/or conditioner combinations. It is not "a little goes a long way" product for me, but also I don't find myself using a crazy huge amount, which is good. The shape shifter creme actually saves me a step because I find this to be an extremely effective leave in conditioner AND styling product in one!! I just like to use the Twist Mist afterwards to seal.

I do want to try the shape shifter under Hold Up Serum or Oasis Gel soon.

I like that the Shape Shifter creme is very moisturizing and like the description states, IT DE-POOFS MY HAIR! Seriously guys, my hair gets big and I dislike that. I do everything in my power to try and tame it down and this does the job wonderfully. It also leaves my hair super soft with nice shine, as most of the Original Moxie products have been doing for me.

I notice I have been able to achieve better multi-day hair when using Shape Shifter on my hair wet. That has been huge for me because since my hair is shorter I have been struggling with that.

Lately I also have been taking a little bit on Day 2 or 3 hair and adding it just to my super dry ends. I like the Everyday Leave In on days old hair for the rest but this really helps the ends significantly.

In the pictures here this is what I used:
Shampoo: Get Clean No Foam Shampoo (side note: this is my favorite Original Moxie scent!)
Conditioner: Intense Quench Deep Conditioner...I actually was in the pool and had the sun's heat help penetrate this in for a couple of hours
Stylers: Shape Shifter and Twist Mist. Applied both section by section after squeezing out excess water.

I actually let my hair air dry with a bandanna over it for a while like the pictures below. I accidentally discovered this after post beach shower it helped to flatten out my hair even more plus straighten out my crazy hairline pieces a bit.After it was in a bandanna for hours, I used Ricky's creaseless clips to try and straighten out the hairline more. My left side is still resistant to going straight and it is very frustrating.

<3 Diane

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