Original Moxie Shape Shifter, Hold Up & Twist Mist Combo!!

I am still doing the "Original Moxie One Brand hair Challenge" for the most part and I truly have grown to love this brand and the products so much. I can't even explain how healthy my hair has been feeling! I was e-mailing back and forth with Rachel (the owner) and she suggested a product combo to me which I tried and LOVE!!! Read on for more.

I've used the Hold Up Serum and Shape Shifter Creme separately and with other products, but I never thought to combine them. These 2 products are so great I can actually use either/or alone and get  good results. When I put them together and then used a bit of the Twist Mist Shine Spray to seal, magic happened! I think I have had the best hair day on the challenge to date, and even my day 2 hair, with the exception of my "bangs/hairline" was better than it has been (I wish I snapped a pic of it!)

My hair felt soft, had virtually no frizz, nice definition (without really trying), had incredible shine, smooth and (I think) it just looked so nice and healthy. I also did not have any unwanted poofiness or volume. Basically it gave my hair everything I could want except for letting it grow long magically overnight! LOL

Rachel says that the Shape Shifter is "really good at helping keep hair in whatever shape you desire, whether that's via heat styling or air drying. Hold Up also helps with creating a humidity barrier, and can contribute to shine and frizz  resistance." She also said the combo can give the hair extra control, which it certainly did for me.

The Shape Shifter Creme is so incredibly moisturizing, it doubles as a nice leave in conditioner.

After the shower I used the Get Fresh Shampoo (I used up the last of it) to cleanse and then followed with the Intense Quench Deep Conditioner which I left on my hair about a half hour. After I rinsed thoroughly I applied each product- Shape Shifter, Hold Up Serum and Twist Mist section by section raking it into my hair. I put my hair in my curly tee to get it out of my face while doing the rest of my routine and then clipped back the hairline like I usually do to air dry.

The pictures taken here were actually taken at the end of the day and IT WAS ALSO RAINING OUT. So this is my hair after the rain!!! Unbelievable!

I think this is going to be my new go to product combo for special events. The only thing I would change if I could would be the scent of the Shape Shifter. I just personally do not like the smell of Jasmine, but luckily it does not linger.

I am getting close to using up my big bottle of Intense Quench. Once the bottle is used up I will have to stray off the challenge to start using up other deep conditioners in my stash but it will be a repurchase in the future  since it works so well for me.

I really can't wait for my hair to grow long again. I keep saying it. But I have all these annoying shorter pieces from breakage that misbehave and like to stick out to piss me off. Here is an outtake picture my boyfriend took of me without me realizing it, complaining and getting annoyed with one of them.

 The shirt I am wearing is again from Lilly Pulitzer.
Sorry these are iPhone pictures again, this was kind of a last minute "oh wow my hair looks really good I need to take pictures to celebrate it" kind of thing. ;)

<3 Diane


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