Wen Restorative Essentials Collection QVC Today's Special Value 9/5/15

Though I am currently in the middle of a one brand hair challenge with Original Moxie, I had to pick up the upcoming Wen Today's Special Value set from QVC to put aside until I start mixing brands again. The value and products in here are INCREDIBLE! Read on for more.

The Wen Restorative Essentials Collection will be the today's Special Value on QVC on Saturday, September 5, 2015. I was able to order early since I am a member of InsideQ magazine. I don't know if it will be on Saturday, but the pre order was on Easy Pay which made it especially convenient for me right now.

Today's Special Values mean the kit will be the lowest price it ever will be and the actual value is insane! I didn't break down the math but prior to tax and shipping, the total is $64.92.

This kit was designed to help treat and repair Summer hair- "cleansing and replenishing it after months of exposure to the sun's heat, UV rays, humidity, chlorine and salt water."- according to InsideQ
choice of formulas
With the kit, you can pick from the following formulas: Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint & Tea Tree.
I had a tough time selecting between Sweet Almond Mint and Pomegranate, but ultimately decided on the POM- it smells so fruity, juicy and delicious.

What is Inside:

Classic Cleansing Conditioner in 32oz
I have to be honest here. I have used Wen years ago and loved the Cleansing Conditioner so much, but after a while my scalp developed a really weird reaction to it. (remember everyone is different) Even though I am nervous to use this on my hair, the value of the TSV is still great for the other products and this also makes a great shave cream, body wash AND in shower body lotion! So it certainly will not go to waste for me.

Treatment Oil 4oz
This is part of the big value and what really intrigued me to buy this kit. These oils alone I believe sell for more than $50! I love them, but they are pricey, man! I like using the oils to "seal" products on my wet hair or to add shine, moisture and frizz control on dry hair. A little goes a long way and for an oil, it is nice and lightweight. I also use them on my scalp overnight as a treatment that may help encourage hair growth.

Replenishing Treatment Mist 12oz
This is another part of the big value for me. The regular size of this is usually 6oz and this is double! This is my very favorite refresher spray for second and third day hair. It helps to revive my hair leaving it soft, sily and oh so shiny. Plus it is full of wonderful botanicals and extracts to help my hair's health! What's not to love?

Styling Creme 6oz
I actually haven't used this product in years to be honest. It helps to provide moisture and help hold your style. I look forward to playing around with it now that I have it again.

Aside from being a Today's Special Value, you can sign up on Auto Delivery to get 2 more shipments for the same price every 90 days. I am unsure of this, but sometimes you can change your formula scent in future shipments by calling QVC customer service. I hope this is the case so I can also get the Sweet Almond Mint I like. (Truthfully, if I was working right now I would have bought 2 sets because of this value)

Saturday September 5th, item #s:
One Time Shipment: A269882
Auto Delivery: A273028

disclaimer: products bought with my own money. all reviews and opinions are my own and honest, as always.

<3 Diane


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  2. I bought this set in Tea Tree, Fig is my usual cleanser because my hair really needs the moisture, but I also like Tea Tree. The Tea Tree oil is my favorite. I haven't been too impressed by WEN styling products because they don't enhance my waves and curls and do nothing to prevent frizz in my hair. But hey, even if I never use the styling cream, the value is still incredible and I know I'll use all the other products.

  3. i wanted the tea tree oil for the scalp benefits but i can't stand the smell of it- neither can my dad or dog! LOL I knew if I went with tea tree I probably wouldn't touch the other products either. I agree the value of this kit is so great, even if you don't use/like all 4 items it is so worth it!..enjoy =)


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