Second Hair Cut at Ouidad NYC Salon 10.16.15

The other day I returned to the Ouidad Flagship Salon in Manhattan for my second cut with super amazing stylist, Jason!  If you have not read my blog back in April about my first wonderful experience and cut at Ouidad, you should check it out here. Continue reading for more.

Though I am desperately growing out my hair as fast as possible, my split ends have reached the point of no return. We joked that most of my length from roots on feels so healthy, but the bad bleached, split ends just feel a bit like hay. It has been 6 months since I saw Jason at Ouidad and I knew it was time to pay him another visit. My overall experience and this wonderful man were excellent, once again.

My favorite thing about having Jason cut my hair is I know I am in great hands. HE LISTENS! I simply can not express this enough- if you are one of those people (I know I am) who have always feared hair cuts since stylists seem to always chop off way too much- HE IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!! Jason's ultimate goal is to make me (and all of his clients) happy.

Do to some attempt of self trimming a couple of months ago, I sort of messed up the shape of my hair. I'm glad he didn't yell at me (Promise it won't happen again!) but he understood everything I was trying to get across and wanted fixed and he agreed. The left side of the front part of my hair was kind of uncutely stacked like a shelf (again, totally my fault) He fixed it beautifully, angling the front without giving me unwanted layers. He is very patient in having conversations and discussing back and forth exactly what I want out of his cut. Jason also respected my wish to trim as little hair off as humanly possible, while still getting rid of the split ends and letting some shorter bad pieces in the back that are still recovering from bleach breakage months ago continue to grow and stay as is. As you can see in the picture, all that was snipped off length wise was all that needed to be.
A huge misconception about Ouidad haircuts are the words "Carve & Slice" Though that is the name of their signature cut, not every person gets "carved" or "sliced" and each and every hair cut is catered to the individuals specific hair, look, and desired result. Since I have been wearing my hair as looser waves lately to fake length, he didn't go in to remove any bulk or make any excess layers since I didn't want any. I know there is also a big thing about cutting curly hair wet, but this works for me. Having such a loose curl pattern, it always never looks the same in 2 washing so cutting wet gets my hair more even and uniform. Once I was all dry he did go in and make a couple necessary snips, as needed.

I also got a wonderful conditioning treatment at the salon that helps with damaged chemically treated and colored hair. My hair felt so soft immediately after even when went and now when dry I still feel that difference! The lovely girl who helped with this at the super comfortable wash station, I believe her name was Katie, was so sweet and knowledgeable too. She also made me a DELICIOUS cappuccino!

Jason styled me using Ouidad's Texture Taffy. For the part he raked it in my hair and enhanced my pattern but for a few awkward pieces of hair I have that don't curl nicely, he showed me how to do easy 2 strand twists so they dry nicely. I hope I can recreate that at home.

several two strand twists to help wonky pieces

two strand twist

under the dryer
I have had the Texture Taffy for months but never used it before because I wasn't sure how. Turns out, it is just a really lovely curl cream that is free of all waxes, oils and silicones that does not build up on hair or weigh hair down. I then sat under the hooded dry and he finished with the Setting Mist and a little Shine Serum.

So this is another wonderful experience with Jason and the Ouidad NYC Flagship salon. Curlies and wavies in this area, if you are in need of the best stylist for your curls, check them out! I will be back to Jason for all my cuts and will try not to push it off *this* long next time. Once all the bleached ends are gone, I think I'll be able to healthily wait longer.

I am so annoyed with myself because I meant to take more selfies and pictures of second day hair the day after but I got distracted and forgot.
I have these 2 of when I was out with friends and my boyfriend. I loved the second day hair after I added an oil mix to it. It really enhanced the shine and de-flate it a bit more since I don't like any volume in my hair whatsoever.

Also, check out this comparison I did of right after my first Ouidad cut to last week (before this cut) Jason said my hair is growing fast! YAY!

disclaimer: not a sponsored post. No monetary compensation received for my post or review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts and the service was paid for by me. 

<3 Diane

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  1. Your hair texture is a lot like mine. My hair is shoulder length right now and as it gets longer it gets less curly which is ok. At shorter lengths my hair is close to type 3.


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