It Cosmetics Superstars Today's Special Value QVC 11/20/15

On Friday November 20, 2015 It Cosmetics has a Today's Special Value kit on QVC with five of their top selling products, a brand new, amazing brush and 2 free samples too! This kit will be at a low price for the one day only, or if quantities sell out before, so be sure to set your DVRs and order quickly! This is a great kit for It Girl lovers and newbies alike. Read on for more.

The only choice you have to make in this collection is your foundation shade (Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep) and once you select the shade, they will automatically pair up the corresponding concealer for you. 
I have the foundation in shade LIGHT and concealer in shade NEUTRAL MEDIUM, which is more on the lighter medium side so is a perfect match for me.

Since I have been a fan of It Cosmetics for years now, of course I have all of the products in here already, with the exception of the new brush so I am able to review based on long time use of each. Let's get to talking about the great anti-aging cosmetics inside!

Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer
"This best-selling, full coverage, anti-aging concealer helps visually
camouflage the appearance of imperfections with long-lasting pigments
that never crease, never crack and give you the appearance of your most
flawless-looking skin."

I love this concealer and a tube lasts me well over a year, even when I use it every day because you truly need so little product. It is extremely pigmented and wears all day, hiding even my dark, dark, dark circles. A tip I picked up to get even more out of this concealer is apply it under your eyes (or on blemishes) and let it sit a couple minutes so your body heat warms it up, THEN blend! The warmness helps the product become one with your skin, blending it better and lasts longer without settling into any fine lines. I believe I learned that on Wayne Goss' Youtube Channel.

Celebration Foundation® Illumination
"It’s your 30 seconds to flawless-looking skin, infused with Drops of Light
Technology® to add a kiss of radiance to your skin. This full coverage
foundation is formulated to help visually blur the appearance of imperfections
while brightening your overall complexion."

I do strongly prefer the original, more matter version of this foundation. That being said, this powder foundation is buildable up to full coverage on its own or you can also dust it lightly over a liquid foundation or CC cream for a bit extra coverage and a more finished look. I love that there are skin care ingredients in here, like all It products, and that it doesn't settle into my lines or pores or feel cakey. I find the Light in the Illumination formula to be more yellow toned and a smidge darker than the Light in the original. The reason I prefer the original over the Illumination is because my skin is combination and shine prone so I always look to mattify it, instead of illuminate. The finish of this is illuminating, but not disco ball glittery which is good. If you do have my dry, dull skin, I think you will adore this version. The compact has the foundation, a mirror and a cute little brush hidden underneath.

Vitality Lip Flush™ 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi®
"It’s your anti-aging lip balm, lipstick, lip stain and light glossy finish all in one
step! Hydrating lip color that lasts in the perfect pink for all skin tones, treat your
lips to plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, argan, and other lip loving ingredients!"

This is one of my top favorite It products EVER, in this color specifically. Anytime It released new stuff in Je Ne Sais Quoi, I get sooo excited!!! This isn't new, but this is what started it all. When I say I have 9 backups, I am not exaggerating- I have nine backups. This is a unique color where it looks clear in the tube but when you apply it, it magically morphs with your own unique body chemistry and it looks different on everybody to produce your most perfect shade of pink. With this lipstick, it gets darker on me after a few minutes and turns into the most gorgeous, vibrant shade of pink that I love. It is moisturizing better than any lip balm I ever tried and it stains for hours. Nice color with the perfect amount of gloss finish. I have used up more tubes of this beautiful lippie than any other makeup product ever.

Hello Lashes® 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara
"Hello Lashes® is your volumizing mascara, conditioning primer, lash enhancing
serum, lash tint and lash comb/curler all in one."

This is one of my top 5 favorite mascaras. I love the whole 5 and 1 and how my lashes feel so soft after using this, instead of stiff and brittle. It has the blackest, black pigment and doesn't clump and flake while wearing on me for hours. The spoolie is unique with the plastic bristle wand and the ball on top. You may like the ball to help detail and get the tiny little lashes. I actually cut the ball off, as I like the spoolie better without it. I like the cushion grip on the tube, it is comfy on my fingers while I am applying. I usually use 3 coats but you can use 1 or 2 for a less dramatic effect.

Brow Power® Universal Eyebrow Pencil
'It’s your brows but better!® This universal eyebrow pencil matches all hair
colors, adheres to skin, covers gray and looks like real hair, even if you don’t
have any!"

Up until It released their brand new skinny brow power in 7 different shades (oh yeah, I need to review that too soon) this was my go to brow product. I now am alternating between the 2 and still have one of these in my purse.  The pencil is on one side and a spoolie to brush your brows is conveniently on the other side. This is a universal color and the harder you press, the darker the shade. Being I have blonde brows, I apply with a light touch. I like how it lasts on me all day, looks natural and not like a marker or pencil and how I am able to create thickness to my tail which is quite thin on its own. The oval shape of the tip makes it easy to apply to look like real hair.

Heavenly Luxe® Master Brush
"It’s your brush therapy!™ Synthetic and custom-cut, the new Master Brush is
dense and tapered to hug the curves of your face for complexion perfection
every time. Great with all liquids and powders!"

This is a brand new It Brush and if you are an It Girl like me, I think we can agree that there is no such thing as too many it Brushes! Made from synthetic hairs and cruelty free, this brush is awesome! So soft and does not shed. It reminds me of the Wand Ball Brush but is a bit denser. I used it with the Celebration Foundation and really like it lately to apply my setting powder. I did also try it with the It CC Cream where it worked just as well.

In the kit you also get samples of the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream and No. 50 Anti-Aging Serum primer! These are both excellent products.

 I reach for the CC cream almost daily, though I don't have it on in the pictures here to show you the Celebration Foundation Illumination by itself.

The No. 50 is equally a skin care treatment as it is a primer and I wear this every single day of my life regardless if I wear other makeup or not, just for the skincare benefits. It helps extend the wear of makeup and goes on clear and also leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. I do have it on in the pictures under everything.

Stretch wishes It made dog treats as nice as their cosmetics! ;)
Here is a before and after of me with and without all the products from the TSV on, and wet hair post shower- sorry about that. I have a couple of break outs going on that everything did a great job covering. The only non TSV items I am wearing are the No. 50 primer, liner love in black on my upper waterline and eyeshadow primer.
I admit I did snap the after picture a bit too quickly. I should have gave the Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Flush time to darken.

Also, here is a close up of one of my eyes because I think my before and after of my eye area really stands out and shows just how amazing these products are more than anything!

At the time of this blog, I apologize for not knowing the exact price but it will be a great deal and that I can guarantee!

Don't forget to tune into QVC Friday, November 20th to see this awesome kit demonstrated on air in action and to pick one up for yourself!

<3 Diane

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  1. Great review, thanks! I got an IT TSV over the summer with Celebration Foundation SPF 50 compact and the Award Winning Must Have Palete. I only with I had got that on auto delivery, love, love, love IT! I have all the other items as well and am very pleased with everything. My favorite product has to be Hello Light Creme (radiance), a fantastic highlighter.


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