Side Braid & Straight Bangs Day 2 Hair of the Day

This is Day 2 Hair with an attempt as a side headband braid! I also still have straight bangs/hairline from using my flat iron with the a heat protecting spray the day before. I had no need to go over it again today and if you missed the detailed post on that, you can find it here, otherwise continue reading for more!

So usually on day 2 hair, I need to use a refresher spray and add more cream and a song and dance to get my hair to look decent (okay, so maybe not the song and dance part..)

What is even more impressive is how I didn't have to re-iron the one side of my bangs/hairline I did yesterday. Every single time I EVER used a flat iron, I would have to touch it up daily.

I applied an oil mix throughout my hair for added shine and treatment properties and 2 pumps of a Leave In Conditioner total just on my ends since they still have some bleach and color to them and are a bit more dry than the rest of my hair.

Now I said I didn't need to re-flat iron the one side of my hair. The other side? That's the hairline braid. ;) That side the texture gives me so much trouble- it doesn't stay straight easier and though it was still straighter than usual, it is extremely odd and doesn't quite hang down nicely. I think it needs to be trimmed and shaped better. So a hairline braid is not only cute, but it disguises a multitude of messes. ha. It's obvious I am not a master braider and still need practice, but I have come so far in my french braiding from practicing. :D
many treats were given to get him to pose with me

<3 Diane

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