Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette by Tarte Cosmetics

I haven't done a blog about tarte in way too long! Not sure why, they are one of my favorite brands and I reach for their products every day. But anyway, they just released a brand new eyeshadow palette and it looked so beautiful I caved and bought it. I actually only bought it for a dollar! Yes, $1! Read on for more!

How did I get this $45 gorgeous eyeshadow palette for a buck? Ulta. Ulta has THE BEST reward system out there. I tend to only buy from ulta when they have high promotion point periods and I've been hoarding my points for quite a few months now, so I was able to use them for this beauty.

So this palette is a follow up to their original Tartelette palette which I acutally don't have (gasp! I do want it). Unlike the original Tartelette palette that is all matte, this one contains 9 mattes and 3 lusters.

I'll spare you my swatches, you can view those here on my friend's blog.
I'm just going to give you my thoughts and show a few looks I have done while truly enjoying playing with it.

A big bonus to this palette is that they shadows smell like Marshmallows!!! I never thought to sniff the palette until someone mentioned it during one of tarte's periscope broadcasts. I smelled the palette, it smells like Marshmallows and it is heavenly. It'd be awesome is tarte create some high performance natural fragrance that smelled just like this. Just a thought.
The cover is also beautiful, pink and bright. I also really like the shade names are printed on the actual palette, as opposed to a plastic insert that I usually had to glue to the back.

Shadows are AMAZING. They are quite buttery and blend so well together. Some shades are more pigmented than other, but truly, there is not one bad shade in this palette! They are all wearable. Only a couple shades had some fall out while applying but it wiped away easily.

I think my favorite shades are "Sweetheart" which is described as a peach matte but to me looks a bit more pink than peach, "Firecracker" which is so unique and is described as a bronze copper and "Rocker" which is a shimmer taupe. I also really like using "Flower Child" which is a peachy nude matte to set my under eye concealer.
So here are 3 looks I played with so far with this palette.
I haven't really got really into multi-shadow looks in a while, so I feel I may be a bit rusty and I apologize if you see that, but I tried! But this palette ignited the spark for me to play and have fun with shadows again so that is a plus!

This first look I take zero credit for, because if I did, it'd be stealing. What happened was just as I was opening the palette for the first time to play, tarte did a Periscope Broadcast where Maria, the senior pro makeup artist on tarte's team was doing a "Get Ready Tutorial" with this palette!!! I decided to follow long and attempt to do exactly what she did. Of course, her look came out 10000 times better than mine did. But I tried.

I used "Firecracker" on the lid, "Sweatheart" in the crease, "Charmer" under the brow (I don't think she did that) and a mix of "Smokeshow" & "Activist" blended on the outer corner. This was fast and easy to do and came out so pretty!

Here is a look I did wanting to really focus on the pink and red toned shadows in the bottom row.

I used "Charmer" under the brow (from the top row), "Rebel" in the crease and under the bottom lashes, "Sweetheart" on the lid, "Leader" on the outer lid corner and I lined using "Smokeshow" wet and blended a lot.

This was a quick and easy 3 color look I did on a different day. These pictures were not taken at my house which is why the lighting is so very different. Sorry about that. It's interesting to me how much yellow vs. pink my undertones can looked based on lighting.

For this I used "Sweetheart" on my lid, "Rocker" in my crease and and "Charmer" under my brows.

For all of the looks, I used the tarte CC Colored Clay eyeshadow stick primer underneath the shadows. This is my favorite shadow primer- I even like wearing it alone when I don't wear shadows because it neutralizes the redness in my eyelids. In all these pictures I also have the Amazonian Clay brow mousse in "taupe" on my brows.

You can find this palette at Ulta & TarteCosmetics.com and it is part of their permanent collection now!

By the way, make sure you follow @tartecosmetics on SnapChat & Periscopes- as far as cosmetic brands go , I think they are really one of the best to use these social media platforms which great tutorials, get ready with mes and awesome product information!

Also, currently tarte has this AMAZING mega kit on QVC with 15 pieces for a ridiculous low price!!! I would have loved to review it for you guys but it is going under my Christmas tree and I don't get it until December 25th! But if you want a lot of tarte for a little money, check that out here before it is gone!

<3 Diane

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  1. I've been eyeing this palette. I love the looks you created with it! It seems very versatile!

    Abby Talks


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