Favorite Hair Brands of 2015

I can't believe 2015 is over. Truth be told, it was one of the worst years of my entire life and I'm so glad a new year is about to start. Anyway, I thought I would do a blog post on my favorite hair care brands of 2015 and highlight some of my favorite products from each brand. I will do my best for the post not to be novel length..but I like to talk (errr- type) Continue reading on for more!

This was definitely not a favorite hair year. I hated my hair most of the year after the disaster from January/February (you can look back if you have no idea what I am talking about) But a lot of these products have been helping me along the way grow my hair long, strong and healthy again.

 I also have been growing my hair color out since February of this year. I truly look forward to the day when my hair is one solid, virgin color again and really, really long. Patience is no fun, but it is necessary.

So here are my favorite brands and highlighting some products from all of them!

Note: My list about the brands will be in ABC order. ;)

Innersense Organic Beauty
This is a really clean brand where you won't find junk or fillers inside. A little goes a long way and I liked every product I tried, but a few really stood out to me. I love how many essential oils they incorporate inside all their products for hair benefits.

I don't like the smell of it, but the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner is masque level moisturizing so I will use it anyway. Quiet Calm Curl Control is a great, lightweight yet moisturizing curl cream I can use alone or pair with the I Create Hold Gel if I need more hold. Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner doubles as a nice leave in and second or third day hair refresher.

Original Moxie
I really fell in love with this brand this year even though I tried them in the past. Their products are loaded with organic ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out. All of their products are also sulfate free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free & cruelty free. These products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way. The longer and more consistent I use these products, the happier my hair is. I love that Sephora started to carry this line mid year.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite product because so many are just so good. The Intense Quench Deep Conditioner is one of my favorite deep treatments. Although I don't like the smell, the Shape Shifter cream is a versatile cream that guarantees good hair days for me. Emollience is a fantastic overnight treatment when my hair is acting super dry and really craves moisture. I also love the mix of the Oasis Gel & Hold Up Serum together so really shiny, soft, frizz, free defined waves. Twist Mist is a great super light and super yummy smelling oil blend you can use on hair and body.

Aside from how amazing Jason at the Ouidad flagship salon in NYC is at cutting my hair, this will always be one of my favorite hair care brands. They were one of the very first curly hair brands I've ever tried and claim to be the pioneers of the curly hair revolution.  Their products routinely give me consistantly nice results.

The Original Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy is a must and you use it with heat to restore protein and amino acids needed for strong, fully nourished curls. Every time I use this treatment, which you must seal with a moisturizing conditioner, my hair ALWAYS looks amazing for days. The Curl Recovery Melt Down Mask is another excellent, super moisturizing deep treatment I used and loved this past Spring. The Vitalcurl Tress Effects Gel and Clear Control Pomade are 2 other favorites from the brand. I also love the Salons Series Biotin & Mongongo Oil that they sadly discontinued, but I still have some of both in my stash.

replace the two proteins and eight amino acids needed for strong, fully nourished, healthy curls. - See more at: https://www.ouidad.com/quickview/product/view/id/37/#sthash.JmkRPI6z.dpuf
replace the two proteins and eight amino acids needed for strong, fully nourished, healthy curls. - See more at: https://www.ouidad.com/quickview/product/view/id/37/#sthash.JmkRPI6z.dpuf

Great ingredients and a drug store level price. SO MANY DIFFERENT products and product lines out there, there is something for everyone. They leave out a lot of bad and harmful ingredients too. Honestly, with SheaMoisture I also wind up mixing together everything from all the different sub lines within the brand because I can never decide which to use. At one point, I had a "mega masque" with 6 different SheaMoisture masques mixed inside.

I'm not even quite sure where to begin with my favorites from this brand. The whole Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage line is absolutely wonderful. Especially this Wave Lotion I bought at Target and then they stopped carrying it. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Serum is nice. I really like the Superfruit Complex Masque and Serum and also the Zanzibar Marine Complex lines, too.

Raw Curls Organics
This is another really clean hair care brand with some nice quality products. All the products do not contain toxins or bad ingredients but do contain natural vitamins and botanicals to benefit the hair.

The Conditioner is very, very moisturizing like a masque but does not weigh the hair down. The Anti-Frizz Spray does wonders for frizz on wet hair or to revive day 2 or 3 hair. I really love the Firm Hold Gel for definition, hold, shine and managebility without my hair feeling sticky or crunchy.

I first starting using this stuff in February. Found exclusively on HSN and created by Denis Simioni who owned Ojon back when Ojon was amazing, their main product is a self-cleansing hair care treatment similar to a co-wash but you apply it on your dry hair for 10 minutes BEFORE you get into the shower. I found the best way to incorporate it in my routine is as a pre-shampoo treatment but you can totally get away with using these alone to cleanse, treate and hydrate. My hair seems softer and a bit more tamed every time I use one of these.

My favorite formulas are the Restore for dry and damaged hair, the Ultra Nourishing for softness, shine & manageability and the Tribal Chocolate that products dry, damaged and aging hair.

I had the opportunity earlier this year to try almost every product by this brand and I really liked the quality and effectiveness for the price point. Every product is $14 and now carried at Sephora!

I'm sorry to say, the one product by Verb I truly disliked was their Curl Cream! It just left my hair frizzy, stiff and so dry feeling. Their Styling Cream does what I wish the Curl Cream did- it left my hair soft, shiny, and frizz free. The Leave-In Mist was moisturizing but lightweight. The Dry Shampoo leaves my scalp feeling clean but not dried out on days I work out and don't wash. The Forming Fiber is my favorite product by them- it is a pomade type product that I like to use on my ends to make them more manageable and behave better. It almost temporarily seals my split ends together until next wash.

Those are my favorite brands for 2015! I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

I noticed when taking pictures of everything I actually am out of a few favorites! -_-

<3 Diane

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