Lumene Time Freeze V-Shaping Serum

Oh a skincare post! A skincare post! I don't remember the last time I did an actual skincare post. Today I will be talking about a pretty recent addition to my skincare regimen, the Lumene Time Freeze V-Shaping Serum! Read on for more.

For the most part I have my skin care regimen down pat. I have combination, acne prone skin and at the same time I am looking at age prevention, wanting to fight wrinkles and fine lines. I'll quickly touch upon what else I do...I have been using the Proactiv+ system for a few years now, and it works so well- every time I ever strayed away I would turn back apologetically. That includes cleanser, toner, acne treatment, moisturizer, and retinol pads at night. I also have faithfully been using my Clarisonic and an oil blend every single night for over 4 years now. SPF in the morning 365 days a year. Eye cream since I was 13 years old and neck cream began when I was around 20.. Also, I do face masks or peels 2x a week.
I love makeup, but I firmly believe you MUST take care of your skin and it will make applying complexion products so much nicer. Plus you can go out of the house without makeup, but you can't not wear your skin. So I want mine to look the best it could.

Okay. So now why suddenly the addition of the Lumene Time Freeze V-Shaping Serum? It was something I didn't know I needed until I learned that it existed.

I bought mine off Here is what they say about it:

"Lumene Time Freeze Instant Lift V-Shaping Serum. Targeted ingredients work to decrease the breakdown of skin's structural network while anti-gravity peptide compound helps to reshape the facial contours and redefine the jawline. Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Formulated to provide an instant lifting effect with long-term firming results. Intensively lifts the oval of the face and redefines facial contours. Intensively lifts the oval of the face and redefines the facial features. Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oils, synthetic colorants." says their serum has "potent ingredients from the wild Finnish Arctic reshapes the face of beauty. Proven to visibly reshape* facial contours with exclusive Anti-Gravity Peptide Compound."
If you click here it will bring you to a whole section on Lumene's site talking about what exactly a "V-Shape" is!
They had me at "redefine the jawline". Genetically, my family, we carry excess weight in our faces. My jawline was never really strong and if I eat one wrong thing I swear I can get a double chin almost instantly. It's terrible. I already use the NuFace facial toning device a few times a week, but if I can add a serum to make my jawline ever more better (horrible English right there) I am going to.I have been using my NuFace for 2 years now, so I'm able to tell the difference on my face thanks solely to the addition of this serum.

This serum, along with the rest of Lumene's line features the Wild Arctic Lingonberry as a main active ingredient. This berry has natural antioxidants, vitamins and beautifying ingredients and you can read details on it here if you'd like.

After using this now for about 2 months, morning and night right before my moisturizer I feel it makes a difference. My jawline looks more defined and the hollows of my cheeks look hollower. Dare I say I think my cheeks even look more contoured even without makeup on!? Pretty impressive. I love that it is actually helping to firm. On top of that, my skin feels smooth and it doesn't break me out. My skin breaks out so easily so when I use formulas for anti-aging, wrinkles, etc this is always a worry.

I personally can't say it made deep wrinkles or fine lines magically disappear- because I don't have deep wrinkles yet and I am only starting to notice a couple unkind fine lines show up around my eyes and mouth as I approach 3-0. But hopefully this serum will stop more unwanted jerks from joining that party.

The serum itself isn't heavy and has a nice, pleasant smell. I use one pump at a time and massage it in going upwards (anti-gravity)

Here are some pictures of me completely makeup free. pretend those dark circles don't exist. the point of posting without makeup was to see the facial contours are just my face and not makeup (or photoshop) enhanced. My apologizes I don't have a proper "before" pic.

As mentioned, I got mine at Ulta and often they sell them for Buy 1 get 1 half off, so that is the time to buy!

Now if only they would make it in a gallon size so I can firm my arms with it too.

<3 Diane

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