Hair & Makeup for my Birthday: protein treatment & heat tools!

So my birthday was this week and it was a big one. It sounds silly, but I have been a bit down about it. Just because I am not where I wanted to be in life by this age. But that sadness only lit a fire under me in trying to work harder than ever to find a job I love. Anyway, on the actual day of, I went to dinner with my boyfriend and parents- an excuse to dress up! So read for details on my hair and makeup and what heat tools I used!
The dress I am wearing is by Lilly Pulitzer. I'm sure by now you know I've developed a slight obsession with this brand. The bright, colorful prints just make me feel happy, and the fact a lot of it is beach and ocean themed makes it even better! This print is called "Good Reef" from a  few seasons ago and style of dress is "Clarke Dress" It's super cute and beyond comfortable. I paired it with dark blue leggings and grey flat boots. I would have rather worm my knee high grey boots, but they have a heel which I can't walk in well. Pair that with all the snow and ice outside (ugh blizzard) and it was more important for me to not break my back walking than it was to wear the best shoe option.

This was Day 1 hair! As I mentioned before, I used not 1 but 2 heat tools to achieve my look. I just wanted my hair to look the best possibly, despite needing a trim and sometimes, rarely, I need heat for that to happen. Knowing I was going to use heat, I did a protein treatment.

Pre-Shampoo (pre-poo):
Tweak-d Ulta Nourish Hair Cleansing Treatment, left on about 2 hours

a brand i used to use I will no longer mention.

Aphogee Two-Step Protein treatment- sat under under for a half hour with it on. Rinsed it out thoroughly.
Then I applied a combination of a masque from a brand with horrible customer service and Original Moxie Intense Quench Deep Treatment and left them on my hair another half hour before rinsing.

The Aphogee Protein Treatment is amazing. I reviewed it in details here. I try to do this once a month or so, especially for the color treated, bleach damaged ends. Once that is all grown out I actually think I will be able to get away with using it less often.

After squeezing excess water from my hair, I applied Leave In Conditioner, a combination of Original Moxie Oasis Gel + Hold Up Serum and sealed with an oil blend section by section raking them through.

I let me hair air dry for quite a few hours, but due to time constraint I had to blow dry my roots or they would not have been dry in time for dinner. My hair takes hours to air dry and especially in Winter, it can become an issue. So I sprayed the Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray as extra heat protection and blow dried with my T3 dryer and concentrator attachment. I say extra heat protection because the  masque and leave in also have heat protectors in them, but I am a bit paranoid with the heat protecting.

I like using the concentrator attachment on my blow dryer instead of the diffuser even when I blow my hair naturally because I did want my front area straighter and this gives my have a smoother, less frizzier finish than diffusing. I haven't blow dried my hair at all in at least a year and I must say, my hair blow dried quicker and was more manageable and silkier than ever after blow drying. . However, I still think my hair is a bit less frizzier when I air dry. I also made sure once I was done with the hot setting to blast it with the cool air setting to close my cuticle.
After blow drying, my hairline pieces still weren't how I wanted them. They were still a bit wonky and puffy. So I went in with my flat iron to fix them (I know, I know- but it was a special occasion!) I set the iron to 360 degrees, because any lower doesn't do anything on my stubborn hair and sprayed the section with the Living Proof Restore spray again for more protection.

I can't emphasize enough the important of using heat protection when you use hot tools! Obviously, using hot tools will never be completely damage free, but it does make a world of difference in the health of your hair. Also remember, me using not 1 but 2 hot tools is such a rare occurrence and not something I will make a habit of for the sake of my hair's health!
You know, the craziest thing is with all those hair products in my hair (way more than usual) my hair didn't feel heavy, producty or sticky. I was actually able to still run my fingers through my hair, my hair felt soft and I didn't wash it for 3 days and it was fine. That's shocking. 

-It Cosmetics Lip Liner in "Pretty in Pink" with Doll10 Beauty Butter Up Lipstick in "Daddy's Girl" on top

-It Cosmetics Liner Love in Black, upper waterline only
-It Cosmetics Superhero Stretch Mascara
-Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner in "Sparkling", lower waterline only
-Tarte Cosmetics CC Eyeshadow Primer
-Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette: "Charmer" under brow bone, "Sweetheart" in crease and "Funny Girl" on lid
-It Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Skinny Pencil in Universal Blonde

-Supergoop Setting Spray (sprayed before makeup- helps it last longer!)
-It Cosmetics No. 50 Primer Serum
-It Cosmetics CC Cream- shades fair & light mixed
-Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Foundation in light
-Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Color Corrector (on dark dircles, under concealer)
-It Cosmetics Bye Bye UnderEye Concealer in Neutral Medium
-Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener
-Tarte Cosmetics Slenderize Contour Stick
-It Cosmetics CC+ Brightening Creme Blush in "Je Ne Sais Quoi"
-It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed
-Mally Beauty Face Defender
-Supergoop Setting Spray (sprayed again over makeup)
These products I reach for almost every day I wear makeup. A lot of them also last for quite a while, which is why you may notice some of the packaging is really worn!
no flash

That's it for my birthday look! I will be celebrating again over the weekend with friends, so follow me on instagram @dianemary126 to see pictures and expect another blog post with details on that look next week!
it is crazy how the different rooms in my house have such different lighting to them, even though I did not use flash in any picture except one!

<3 Diane

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