Hair of the Day Pics ft tweak-d, original moxie & more

Here are some hair of the day pictures from the other day. I noticed my hair was behaving quite well and was extra smooth! I contribute it to the Tweak-d Tribal Chocolate Self-Cleansing Treatment. Everytime I have been using that as a pre-shampoo treatment, my hair comes out extra smooth and I love it. Continue reading for more.

 I am kind of bummed these pictures did not turn out as clear as I wanted them to..Tommie, I completely blame you for rushing annd snapping too fast. But that is what it is.

The sweater I am wearing was a Christmas gift. It is from Wildfox Couture and I absolutely adore it! It is beyond comfortable, I feel like I am wearing a cloud and has all things I love on it, except soda but the can is pink so it is still cute!

Okay, back to the hair. As I mentioned before I used the Tweak-d Tribal Chocolate Self-Cleansing Treatment as a pre-shampoo. I apply it on dry hair and let it sit there for my workout and breakfast before my shower. You can also use this stuff as a co-wash. It smells insanely delicious (like chocolate) and just have done wonders for my hair. I mentioned it more in this blog post here. Lately I have been using a Tweak-d treatment as pre-shampoos prior to every single wash, just rotating the formulas. The Tribal Chocolate is my very favorite though.

To shampoo, I used shampoos from a brand I will no longer mention.

I used the  Original Moxie Intense Quench Deep Treatment as my conditioner, leaving them on a half hour.
To style, I used the a  Leave In Conditioner, SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Wave Defining Lotion and SheaMoisture Oil Blend to seal.

I applied each product section by section, raking them through my hair and then allowed my hair to air dry with the front pulled back in clips- nothing new there.
 My ends are in desperate need of a trim. My last haircut was mid October 2015, so over 3 months now. I am planning on going in February hopefully back to Jason at the Ouidad Salon NYC- I just need to save up a bit more. Getting my hair done at the Ouidad flagship is not inexpensive, but is worth every penny. Jason listens and understands me and always gives me exactly what I want but better.
In the mean time, I have been searching and destroying some of the bleached damaged ends past the point of no return again, but there is still so much more damage at the ends.

I love this picture below Tommie took of me looking in the mirror.

 <3 Diane

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