IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara!

IT Cosmetics launched a brand new mascara...and let me tell you, IT'S HOLY GRAIL STATUS!!!!!!!! I always get excited for new IT launches, since whatever they release I usually like. I was super excited to try out the new Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara and I'm beyond obsessed with what it does for my lashes!!! I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Continue reading for more!

This brand new mascara comes in one shade, "Super Black", and will be debuting during Friday Night Beauty today, 1/8/15 on QVC (check local listings for time) and will be on and in Ulta this February.

Here is what the brand says about the new mascara:

New! Superhero™ Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara
Give your lashes SUPERHERO powers in just one coat with Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara! The proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening and ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color, for your strongest, longest, thickest and most defined lashes. Powerful peptides and proteins, strengthening biotin, lash-lifting polymers and plumping collagen take your lashes to new heights! The anti-aging and super black pigment formula combined with the Elastic Action lifting wand work together to wrap every lash from base to tips and lift lashes while separating them to create a fuller lash line and ensure that no lash is left behind! The super buildable formula puts lash power at your fingertips; simply apply more coats to add volume and length to lashes. You do IT all…now your mascara does too!

Skin-Loving Ingredients
Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara is infused with Elastic Stretch Technology, lash-lifting polymers, volumizing collagen, strengthening biotin, power proteins and peptides for your strongest, longest and thickest lashes.

Here are my before and after with just this mascara on my lashes. I think the pictures speak for themselves about the superpowers this mascara really has!
(Please forgive me, I need to get my eyebrows threaded but wanted this blog up asap -_-)

First the packaging. I LOVE it! The tube is so sleek and elegantly designed. The way the tube and handle are shaped also makes it really comfortable to hold while applying.

I also really like the spoolie (mascara brush) They are bristles shaped like a triangle which makes it super easy to get every last lash, even the heard to reach ones in the inner corners and the lower lash line. The bristles are also different lengths, which help grab on to the lashes with ease. Having super blonde lashes, I also really liked the shape of this spoolie to get way down to my lashline without any problems.
Now the formula. Holy smokes. THIS STUFF IS SOOOO GOOD!!!! As I mentioned earlier, it's now Holy Grail status! I am able to build upon it until I get the desired length I like my lashes and it does not clump or look spidery in the process. My lashes are long, separated, define, they even look lifted. This mascara alone achieves what I usually have to do 2 step lash primer under other mascaras to do!!!! Plus it doesn't flake or bother my super sensitive eyes. Also, when I use this mascara I can actually get away with not lining my upper waterline so that saves a step in my morning makeup routine! I have super blonde, nearly non-existsant lashes and I am very picky with mascaras and I really am crazy about this stuff.

Part of the reason I've loved It Cosmetics for years is because it's not just makeup.Everything they create has anti-aging benefits! I love how, just like with Hello Lashes and Tightline, I am not just wearing a mascara, but I am treating and conditioning my lashes at the same time. Speaking of Hello Lashes, as much as I do like that mascara, Superhero simply blows it out of the water!!

Check out the results from the clinical studies on this mascara:
Be sure to check out the debut on Friday Night Beauty and if you miss it, often lets you play back presentations of items so you can watch it there. Or click here to shop on

<3 Diane


  1. This mascara looks amazing! Just got on QVC and ordered! Thanks for posting about it!

  2. It does look amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  3. i got 2 tubes of this and its soo dry on my lashes. I even wipe the wand with a paper towel so no clumping. i dont find this great at all. what am i doing that u find so fabulous about this mascara. i hate it

    1. this is the best mascara i ever used. i don't know why you hate it.


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