It Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful Skin QVC Today's Special Value 1/16/16

It Cosmetics is bringing us a QVC Today's Special Value kit on Saturday, January 16, 2016! What that means is this special kit will be available for 24 hours only (or less if it sells out) at the lowest price it will ever be! It always spoils us with their TSV kits and this one is no exception to that rule. Continue reading for my thoughts plus pictures!

Here is what It Cosmetics says about the kit:
"Inside the collection: This exclusive six-piece collection is the perfect way to start your new year, and lets your natural beauty shine through with anti-aging, skin-loving, game-changing products! You’ll discover the hydrating coverage of CC+ Veil™ Cushion Compact Foundation, super-sized for the first time with a bonus refill cartridge. Also included are Blurred Lines™ Smooth-Fill Lipstick and CC+™ Crème Blush, your must-haves for the look of youthful vitality—now available in Je Ne Sais Quoi™, your naturally pretty flush of pink. Experience it all with the soft-touch, flawless-looking finish of your Heavenly Luxe™ Angled Radiance Crème Brush and Heavenly Luxe™ Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush that do the work for you!"

I believe this kit is around $59 (plus tax and shipping) but considering they are giving you 2 brushes (really 3 since one is double ended) the value is insane. My most favorite part of this collecton are 2 new products in the "Je Ne Sais Quoi" shade!! I have been in love with this color since It released it in the Vitality lip flush stain years ago so I am always happy to see more. I hope they release it in a lipliner next!!

(4th day hair had to be thrown up in messy bun)

For reference in my review I have combination, shine and acne prone skin and I am wearing the CC Veil in the shade LIGHT.

Okay onto the products!!

Heavenly Luxe™ Angled Radiance Crème Brush
They say: "Precision cut to hug your cheeks, it perfectly places CC+™ Crème Blush exactly where you want it and blends it into your skin for your mostnaturally pretty flush."

I say: This brush is so soft!! It works excellent with blushes because it fits perefect on your cheek, though with creme blush I personally like using my fingers. The shape of this brush is also fantastic for contouring!

Heavenly Luxe™ Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush
They say: "The ultra-plush, ultra-luxe large end of this brush allows you to quickly apply
foundation to larger areas for a beautiful airbrushed finish, while the micro end allows for the most accurate precision in even the smallest spaces."

I say: This brush is in so many kits but it is an extreme multi-tasking brush so it is a good one to repeat. You can use the large side for foundation and small side for concealer or both sides to contour, or large side for blush and small side for eye shadow...there are limitless possibilities with this one.

Like all It Cosmetics brushes, both of these are made from synthetic hairs and (like the whole line) are 100% cruelty free! To me, It Cosmetics makes some of, if not THE very best brushes on the market. They are so well made and if you care for them properly they will last you years and years.

 New Shade! Blurred Lines™ Lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi™
They Say: "Blurred Lines™ reduces the look of lip lines and gives you a naturally pretty pop of color to revitalize your entire complexion. It’s your full-color, nourishing hydration in Je Ne Sais Quoi™, the perfect pink for all skin tones, all ages!"

I Say: I actually own this lipstick in quite a few shades and it is on my list for future blog post reviews. The formula is fantastic- it contains anti-aging ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic filling spheres so you are getting a lip treatment along with the gorgeous color. It glides on like butter and puts any drugstore lip balm I have ever tried to shame. My lips feel so soft with this on. There is a little bit on shine, but not overdone. It smells like sweet vanilla which I adore. The Je Ne Sais Quoi color is a perfect, cool toned bright pink- but not super duper bright so don't be afraid. The color does last a while, but it does not stain. That's okay because it does not claim to stain! If you used the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Stain in this shade but didn't like how bright the stain is that it leaves behind, you will be thrilled with this. (personally, I'm all about that bright pink stain leftover from the Lip Flush but that's just me)

New Shade! CC+™ Crème Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi™
They Say: "Formulated with peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, silk, antioxidants and Drops of Light Technology™, it treats your skin while providing a healthy flush of color and lit-from-within glow with your IT Girl™ favorite, Je Ne Sais Quoi™—your perfect pink!"

I Say: I enjoy creme blushes- they are super easy to use. I like using my fingers and gently patting it into my cheeks. The company also says this blush is color correcting and contains peptides, hydrolyzed collagen silk, and antioxidants so like all it products, your skin is being treated as you wear it. The blush is buildable in color and gives a natural flush with a pretty glow behind it. You can also use this on your lips if you forget your lipstick! Like the lipstick in this kit, the Je Ne Sais Quoi is a cool toned, gorgeous pink that I think is suitable for all skin tones. This color and formula are simply beautiful on the face! I feel it brightens up my whole look. I think if you have dry, dull skin or large pores where powder blush tends to settle often, you will love this. What really impressed me about this product is usually my face eat up blushes rather fast, especially cremes but this lasted on my all day!!

CC+ Veil™ Cushion Compact Foundation with New! CC+ Veil™ Cushion Compact Foundation Refill Cartridge
They Say: "Experience your SPF 50+ physical-only protection, sheer-to-medium, buildable-coverage foundation, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and primer in one step. So lightweight, it feels like nothing on your skin while giving you hydrating coverage!"

I Say: I think it is brilliant It Cosmetics release a refill cartridge so that the compacts don't go to waste as fast. I do like this product, but I don't love it. I prefer the original CC cream and I have two reasons for that: 1) It is more full coverage than this and 2) the finish isn't as dewy on me. Don't worry I'll elaborate.

This is skincare and makeup in one. There are so many skin loving ingredients inside such as peptides niacin, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, algae, vitamins A, B, C, E and also It's own Drops of Light & Anti-Aging Armour complexes!!

I want to say this is a great product, but my own personal preferences in makeup is I do prefer the original CC Cream better. If you have drier, more mature skin you will adore this. If you don't like full coverage foundations and prefer a more sheer, lighter, coverage- again, you will adore this. If you hate the feeling of makeup on your face, YUP- you will adore this!

Like they say, this truly is lightweight and you do not feel it on your skin. It melts in and becomes one with your face. It is buildable up to medium coverage, so it doesn't even claim to be full (which is why I am not mad it's not full) and is very natural looking. Even if you put quite a bit on, you don't feel it on your face at all! That's lovely. It also wears all day.
When my skin is behaving (which luckily it has been lately) I can use this without anything underneath, excluding my eye area. Where this and the original CC Cream differs, no matter what I must use concealer on my dark dark dark circles where the original I can use an extra few pumps and not even need concealer. This CC Veil is also VERY hydrating. So much so, it left my skin a bit too dewy for my liking, so I always have to set it with a powder (bye bye pores pressed!).
I do like this for the beach in the summertime since it does have that physical SPF 50+, is extremely lightweight and super portable to keep in my beach bag.


It Cosmetics also gives us samples in this TSV!!
First we get the Bye Bye UnderEye Concealer which is a Holy Grail Concealer of mine! It will cover anything (like my dark dark dark circles) and doesn't settle in lines or creases. The key to making this concealer work to the best it possibly can be is that you really only need an itsy bitsy, teeny tiny amount! If you use too much, the performance will suffer.

There is also a sample of their BRAND NEW Confidence in a Cream!!! Yup, It is now going into skincare. I actually have a jar of this (it's on but am forcing myself to use up a cream I'm almost done with first before diving in. I fear the other cream will just collect dust if I don't wait. LOL! I hope It does an Eye Cream too in the future.

lipstick, flash
lipstick, blush...flash
Absolutely NO Makeup Up On:
no makeup on
no makeup on
no makeup on
Just mascara, eye primer, lippie & the CC Veil (no additonal concealer, etc)

Full Face of Completed Makeup- TSV items & more (details below pics)

Here is the other makeup I am wearing on top of what is in the TSV in the last pictures:

That mascara is the new Superhero Mascara It launched earlier this month. Lucky for them, after this mascara launch they never ever need to make another mascara again since this is a tube of serious lash perfection!! If you missed my review on that, check it here.

From the Naturally Pretty Romantics Eyeshadow Palette I have "peaceful" on my brow bone, "poetic" in my crease and "sweetness" on my lids.

I really think this TSV does an excellent job at making my full face just appear brighter and livelier! A great deal for products that are treating your skin and making your face look even more beautiful than it is already!

With this kit you have the option of buying it a single time, or on auto-delivery which means future kits will be delivered to you so you never run out.

<3 Diane

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