My New Favorite Shower Product: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Raise your hand if you're totally over Winter! ::raises hand:: I am not a fan of this cold weather and snow. I'm always freezing this time of year, especially after I shower. I usually shiver when I turn the water off and dry my body to put lotion on before getting dressed. Dry, cracked skin isn't cute or comfortable so I've come to accept that's how it has to be. But I recently came across a product that now allows me to go from warm shower to warm clothes a whole lot quicker! Read on for more.

The Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer claims it can help you get ready in half the time. Housed in a 10oz container, it "Locks in hydration at skin's peak moisture moment for luminous skin" and this product is even an Allure Magazine 2015 Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award Winner!

This is what the back of the bottle says about the product:

This is a drugstore product, and I even had a coupon for it! I like the inexpensive price tag. I picked mine up at Walgreens and there were a few different formulas to select from. I picked the one with Monoi Oil because I've researched Monoi Oil in the past and know how great it is for the skin, and it smelled delicious. It has a florally with sweet undertone nice scent to it that I don't find to be overwhelming or too powerful.

I've been using this every day in place of my regular body moisturizer and I follow the directions. I take a shower, cleanse my body, do all the shower stuff, etc and at the end of my shower I shut the water off, apply this quickly on top of my soaking wet skin, pat dry and get dressed. It really is easy and a time saver for me. Plus as I mentioned before, using this allows me to not be as cold post shower for so long.

This moisturizer left my skin feeling like silk. I feel just as hydrated and smooth as I do with regular body lotions. Win!!

My one issue with this product is generally I do prefer more natural beauty products and this is far from that, it even has Mineral Oil, an ingredient I try and avoid, inside. But for the time saving, getting warmer aspects of this product, I'm still going to use it throughout the winter and bring it with my on vacations when I want to get ready ASAP.

<3 Diane

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