New Years Eve Hair & Makeup of the Day!

Happy 2016! Can you believe just like that New Years has come and gone? I went out for New Years Eve and had a fun night, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my hair and makeup from the night. Read on for more!

This was Day 1 hair, air dried. It took so long for my hair to air dry and as usual I had my front hairline pieces clipped back to dry straighter. Since I was going to be out all night, I used a lot of styling product so my hair would hold up.

no flash

Shampoo: from a brand I will no longer mention

Conditioner: from the brand I will no longer mention. left it on over an hour and took my blow dryer and added some heat to it for the last few minutes. I didn't sit under my hood top dryer like I usually do for heat, but even just a few minutes seemed to do the trick! My hair actually felt thicker when I rinsed.

Styling: My same routine as always.Squeeze excess water out of my hair gently after rinsing. used a leave in, cream and oil blend from a brand I will no longer mention.

As mentioned earlier, I used quite a bit of the taffy and oil. I also used the Hairspray when it was all dry and used a drop more oil on my ends. For all the hair product I used, my hair was still so soft and touchable- just shiny and frizz free :)

You can probably tell in the picture above of the back of my head, I am due for a trim and the back is also a bit uneven..that's my hair. I tried dusting a few pieces the other day where the splits were so far gone. I need to leave all the trimming up to my stylist. Ooopps.

no flash

Makeupwise, for the complexion I did exactly what I did for Christmas Eve where I blogged here.
I did use the tartelette in bloom palette for my eyeshadows again but this time I used the shade "charmer" under the brow, "rebel" in the crease and "funny girl" on the lid. I absolutely loved the combo! It was light, bright and had the perfect amount of shimmer for the night without being overdone. I was debating on doing liquid liner too, but my liquid liner skills are a bit rusty and I didn't want to mess it up.

My lips are from a brand called Younique. I have heard of this brand, a lot of people annoyingly tried pushing it on me back in my YouTube days and they were so pushy, it actually turned me off completely. but recently one of my closest friends IRL started to sell the stuff so Tommie bought me a lip liner and lipstick to help support her's really nice stuff! The liner is a bright pink called "Perky" and a neutral, cool toned pink lipstick called "Conceited" I will do a seperate blog review of this stuff soon.

<3 Diane

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