tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation Review

tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation is the newest foundation from Tarte Cosmetics and right now only on QVC.com but will be launching as part of a huge Rainforest o the Sea Collection in Spring 2016! I finally was able to buy one and have been using it a few weeks so read on for my thoughts and review and see before and after pictures.
First, my backstory with this stuff. I pre-ordered this in August but due to lack of money and not having a job still (le sigh) I had to cancel the pre-order. By the time I had enough spare cash to buy one in my shade, it was completely gone off QVC! What!? NoOoOoO!!!!!! So I stalked evil-bay (ebay) for a while and finally found a brand new one in my shade for a decent price from a seller with 100% feedback. Win! On QVC, you also get it with a double ended brush which is cool. Mine didn't come with the brush from ebay, but my favorite way of applying foundation lately has been using the damp Beauty Blender so that's fine.
Speaking of shades, my shade is "Light" Since I stopped self tanning and embraced my true paleness, Light has been my go to shade in all of tarte's complexion stuff lately. Color wise, light is a match against my favorite Amazonian Clay Mousse Foundation, the Colored Clay Foundation and Maracuja Foundcealer. It definitely has yellow undertones so that is something to be aware of when you do select your shade.
This is what QVC.com says about the product:
tarte's newest complexion perfection innovation is a lightweight, skin-perfecting fluid that floats over skin to deliver full, hydrating coverage and skin-care benefits with every application. The antioxidant-rich ingredients from the Rainforest of the Sea complex help to diffuse the appearance of imperfections, leaving skin looking flawless. The included double-ended brush is the perfect tool to let you build your custom level of seamless coverage.

In a consumer use survey, immediately after application, 97% said their skin appeared smoother and softer; 97% said their skin appeared brighter; 97% said their skin appeared more radiant; 90% said their skin tone appeared more even; 90% saw visible improvement in the texture of their skin; 93% saw a reduction in the appearance of dark spots; 93% saw fewer imperfections on their skin; 87% saw a visible reduction in the appearance of redness; 100% of women said this product did not feel heavy on their skin; and 83% said pore size appeared less visible.

The whole "Rainforest of the Sea" is because a key ingredient in this product is algae that is harvested sustainably and responsibly so it protects the eco system in the ocean and also so the nutrients in the algae stay in even after harvested. There are also other botanicals in this foundation that are inside coconut oil to help improve the skin. If you are interested in more details on this, there is a bonus video on QVC.com where Leigh from tarte explains it a lot better. ;) You can also catch a presentation of the product being presented on there, too.

Tarte is one of my top 3 favorite brands for complexion and foundation products. If you've been with my from the youtube days (hey! thank you!!) you probably know that already. Face products are the makeup category I am most picky with. I was super excited to give this foundation a try. I really love that it has SPF15 included in, even though I wear SPF 50 underneath every day and also that it has beneficial skincare ingredients inside. I actually am at the point where i don't even want to touch makeup if it also doesn't double as skincare.
The formula is liquid and extremely runny. I don't mind it. This liquidy foundation feels like absolutely nothing on my skin which is a awesome! Application wise, it comes in a dropper which I have not had problems with. The bottle is so pretty, especially the top, it looks holographic.

Coverage wise, it is buildable and I can build it up to full coverage which I love. I add more on areas that need to be addressed like the redness I get in my cheeks and around my nose. I like wearing it over the tarte tinted BB primer or It Cosmetics CC cream but I have worn it over a few other primers and anything I have tried it with, I have not been disappointed.
2 drops of foundations
not blended all the way
blended all the way in
This foundation makes my skin look radiant and flawless. The first few days I had it on I kept peeking at myself in the mirror and was so pleased with how it evened everything out. But what is even better I feel when I wash my face at night and I have no makeup on, my skin still looks better! My texture seems to be a bit smoother and even toned. I am acne prone too and this foundation did not make me break out.

Speaking of shiny and oily...Finish wise, this is not a complete matte finish- it is a natural finish that isn't quite dewy either but with my combination skin, I absolutely must set it with a powder.  The foundation is hydrating and perfect for the drier Winter months. I'll see how it holds up in the Summer if it becomes more dewy or is too hydrating. Hopefully it doesn't.

Wear time, I actually find it wears almost all day. I keep comparing it to the original Amazonian Clay mousse foundation because that is my favorite tarte foundation. That one wore a bit longer, but I got a solid 8 hours out of this with powder on top and using the tarte blotting papers if needed.

Here are some pictures!

First, no makeup on at all:
(sorry to scare you)

This is just the Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation over a clear primer and mascara, no additional concealer or anything:

And here I am with all my makeup done including concealer, contour, powder, etc:

I admit, I think the original Amazonian Clay mousse foundation is still my absolute favorite foundation from tarte but by no means is this a bad foundation. It is now in close second place!! The two reasons I still rate Amazonian Clay foundation a bit higher is because of the matte finish and little longer wear time. If you are someone who finds the Amazonian Clay mousse foundation feels a bit heavy for your skin, you may even like this one better. Both foundations truly are solid complexion products.

Right now you can find this on QVC here.

I also saw sneak peeks on some popular beauty blogger & vlogger's snapchats (aka not me. lol) that tarte is releasing Rainforest of the Sea skin care!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO BE ABLE TO BUY THESE TOO!!!

speaking of snapchat, feel free to follow me on there. my username is the same as my instagram and twitter (see what I did there?) @dianemary126

disclaimer: product bought by me. all opinions and thoughts are my own except for what I copied and quoted from qvc.com

<3 Diane


  1. Thanks for the great review Diane, I'm excited to give this a try. It sounds perfect for me. I do love the AC Mousse Foundation, but I do find it a tad heavy, so this sounds great. Which SPF 50 do you use underneath? I'm still trying to find one that feels light enough under foundation. Thanks! Tammy

    1. this foundation is great. I usually use Avene or Coola spf

  2. Nice coverage and it gave you a nice glowy look.

    Best wishes on a successful job hunt.


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