Hair & Makeup for My Birthday Party + Day 2 & 3 Hair!

Last Friday night I went out to dinner with a group of good friends to celebrate my birthday. Of course, I had to get dressed up and wanted to look my best! Read on for details on my hair, makeup and outfit!

The dress is by Lilly Pulitzer, of course. I got this earlier in January during the After Party Sale and was so excited since I have been eyeing it since September 2015! I paid less than half of retail for it so that was a major win. This dress screams mermaid to me, which I love and even though some argue this is a Summer dress and I should have not worn it in Winter, it was my birthday and I didn't care. The dress was also beyond comfortable which is almost important to me. I paired it with a blue Lilly Pulitzer cardigan to stay warm, navy leggings and boots. Of course, it would have looked a bit better with sandals but it's 30 degrees and snow is on the ground- I must stay warm. I started out with grey heeled boots but my legs hurt after a half hour in my house so I decided to change to brown flat boots before heading out so I would be comfortable.

This was Day 1 hair again! ! I let my hair air dry all the way and then went over my hairline pieces with the flat iron again to get them straighter and smooth. Of course I used a heat protector before ironing. The shine, the hold and overall I was very happy to my hair behaved as nicely as it did- and it lasted!!!

I really like how my hair air dries so much better than blow drying/diffusing. I can't pinpoint it exactly, it just is more manageable. I only really diffuse when I'm time crunched and hair has to look great.

Pre-Shampoo: Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatment in Rare Harvest Tribal Chocolate. Left in it about an hour while working out. This is my favorite Tweak-d formula because it not only smells amazing but really gives me such good hair days!

a brand I used to use I will no longer mention.

a masque from a brand I used to use that I will no longer mention. Left in 45 minutes.
After blow drying and flat ironing earlier in the week and knowing I was going to flat iron again, I needed the masque again!

Leave In Conditioner, Combination of Original Moxie Hold Up Serum & Oasis Gel, and an oil blend tos eal.
I applied the products section by section, raking them in as usual. I clipped my hairline pieces back to stretch them out while air drying. Once dry all the way I used the Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray as a heat protector before going over my hairline pieces with the flat iron.

My makeup for the most part was very similar to what I did on my actual birthday..

-It Cosmetics Lip Liner in "Pretty in Pink", Vitality Lip Stain in "Je Ne Sais Quoi" and Too Faced Cosmetics Le Creme Lipstick in "Unicorn Tears" on top.

-It Cosmetics Liner Love in Black, upper waterline only
-It Cosmetics Superhero Stretch Mascara
-Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner in "Sparkling", lower waterline only
-Too Faced Cosmetics Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer
-Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Bon Bons Palette eyeshadows
-It Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Skinny Pencil in Universal Blonde 

-Supergoop Setting Spray (sprayed before makeup- helps it last longer!)
-It Cosmetics No. 50 Primer Serum
-It Cosmetics CC Cream- shades fair & light mixed
-Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Color Corrector (on dark dircles, under concealer)
-It Cosmetics Bye Bye UnderEye Concealer in Neutral Medium
-Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener
-Tarte Cosmetics Slenderize Contour Stick
-It Cosmetics Blush Stain in "Matte Sweet Apple"
-Mally Beauty Liquid Face Defender in "Fair/Light"
-Mally Beauty Face Defender  (yes I used both face defenders)
-Supergoop Setting Spray (sprayed again over makeup)

HAIR DAY 2 & 3
 I am also BEYOND HAPPY to say that my hair lasted to day 3 with good hair days!! It has been nearly a year since I liked wearing day 3 hair down and it looked decent.

For Day 2, I woke up and shook my hair out a bit. I sprayed the SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Frizz-Free Shine Mist as a refresher spray going section my section than used the DevaCurl Mirror Curls Shine Serum all over to help frizz and add shine. I was also thrilled my hairline pieces were still straight from the iron the day before and I did not need to touch them up at all. I was outside a lot in Manhattan and it was windy, I even wore a hat at one point and my hair still stayed up to par!
2nd day hair
Day 3 I thought would be a messy bun day, it usually is. But my hair still looked pretty decent when I woke up!! I just gently raked my fingers a bit through my hair declumping some curls in the back that stuck together and used one pump of that DevaCurl Mirror Curls Serum again on the ends to help with some frizz and that's it!
3rd day hair

<3 Diane

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  1. You looked very pretty in the birthday party. Really liked your hair style. My birthday is also coming and would be hosting birthday party at a party venue NYC. Still can’t decide about theme and decorations at the event.


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