Hair of the Day: Steamed with SheaMoisture & more + 1 YEAR SINCE COLOR!

I haven't used my huetiful hair steamer in a little bit, bad I know! I used it today (or the day these pics were from lol) and am now kicking myself for going so long without using it! With this terrible Polar Vortex, beyond freezing and dry weather, I knew my hair needed the extra hydration. Plus I wanted to put the new SheaMoisture Rescue & Repair Masque to the test with it since the label says the moist heat will only enhance the benefits. Read on for more!

According to Huetiful's site, "Using a hair steamer helps increase the moisture and hydration of the hair up to 5 times better than just using a conditioner alone. It also helps strengthen the hair by replenishing moisture lost to damage from keratin treatments, relaxers or overuse of heat tools. It also significantly reduces breakage and split ends caused by dry hair while improving manageability."

Pre-Shampoo Treatment:
Tweak-d Rare Harvest Tribal Chocolate Self Cleansing Treatment
My very favorite tweak-d formula. I think I say this everything I use it, but it is true. Always leaves my hair so smooth and smells amazing!!

Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo
This shampoo smells so fruity and delicious! It is my favorite clarifying shampoo out there. Like steaming, I also kind of slacked with clarifying so I have to make a point to use this shampoo at least one a month! It is sulfate free and helps to detoxify, remove build-up and residue without stripping the hair and leaving it feeling stiff or brittle. It has antioxidants to help dull curls and what I also love is that it helps with moisture! Yes, a clarifying shampoo helps moisture. I left it on my hairr around 2 minutes while doing my shower stuff.

SheaMoisture Rescue & Repair Masque.
I applied and made 6 mini buns (I should have taken a picture! sorry!) and then sat under my Huetiful Hair Steamer for 2 steaming sessions (about 20 minutes each) Since I have a lot of hair, I wanted to make sure the steam penetrated to all of it effectively which is why I did 2 sessions.

Original Moxie Every Day Leave In Conditioner, SheaMoisture Resue & Repair Curl Defining Smoothie and Shea Moisture High Porosity Elixir.

I applied each product section by section, raking them through. I actually started scrunching my hair a bit more than I was to start encouraging some curl again! I clipped the hairline back as usual and let it air dry.

The steam did my hair some good! I had nice curl definition with minimal frizz and nice shine. It felt soft and was a bit bouncy. It just looked so nice and healthy to me! The pictures don't even do it must justice since my boyfriend was being a grump when I begged him to snap a few pictures of me so he rushed them (yea Tommie I am so calling you out on it)

I really have been loving the new Shea Moisture lines. I've been playing a lot with the Rescue & Repair Curl Defining Smoothie and I do believe it enhances my curl pattern! This Resue & Repair line has really helped to smooth down my hair and have my waves look their best. I now want to pick up the Co-Wash and other items out in the line. If you missed my first review of the Smoothie and Masque, you can find it here.

Oh I also wound up picking up the Peace Rose Oil Shampoo at Target after loving the Conditioner (review here) after 1 use along with the High Porosity Co-Wash since they were on sale AND I had coupons!

I really can't wait to just have all my virgin hair color and no more of this accidental ombre thing. My virgin hair feels so healthy and it was really a great decision I made to stop coloring.

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<3 Diane

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