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A few months ago, Mally Beauty brought a Today's Special Value kit over to the UK and not USA and in it was a brand new item: Face Defender Boost. A BRONZE VERSION OF HER AMAZING FACE DEFENDER! WHAT!? I won't even lie, I was quite upset this genius product was available in another country and not here in the USA at the same time for me to buy. Fast forward to a few months later, it came here and I couldn't buy it fast enough. The stars had to be aligned since I was given an Ulta gift card literally 2 days before this showed up on .com! Read on for my thoughts.

First, if you don't know what Mally Beauty Face Defender is, I'm sorry- you've been missing out on one of THE BEST cosmetic items I have tried. This has been on my holy grail list for YEARS. The Original Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is a finishing step you use over your makeup to help your face look fantastic. It conceals pores and fine lines, leaves your skin matte and helps the longevity of your makeup. It is clear and works with all skin tones and is especially a must when you are going somewhere that pictures will be taken. Mally recommends you can use this in place of translucent powder, which you totally can. Or if you have extreme, shine prone skin like me, perhaps sometimes you may dust a little bit of powder on and then use this right over it. This product is so good and undetectable, I've even used it on my boyfriend at times. (I may get in trouble for revealing that, but it's true)

So back to the new Face Defender Boost, aka the bronze version of the Face Defender!

This is what says about it:
"Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost gives your skin a natural boost of warmth for healthy, glowing skin. This matte and lightweight formula offers a perfect finish for your make-up, while giving an instant warming glow. It works to diffuse the look of pores, minimize fine lines, and help your make-up last longer, giving a flawless-looking matte finish. Face Defender Boost comes in one universal shade made to suit all complexions. It comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge."
Just when I thought Mally could not improve upon the Original Face Defender, this came out! I LOVE IT!!! For a while (some of you may remember) I was so obsessed with self tanner and bronzers, it looked..err...unnatural. So I started to embrace my natural fairly light skin but during the dead Winter (now), sometimes I wind up looking a bit too washed out. The Face Defender Boost is PERFECT. it gives my face a little bit of warmth and bronze, while looking natural and not over done. Plus, it leaves me matte but not flat, and makes my face looked airbrushed just like the original. The actual product in the compact of the Face Defender Boost is a little bit softer feeling than the original, but it doesn't alter the performance at all.
I have two very important tips for making sure you like the Face Defender Boost, and original:

1) Less is more with these products. Do not be heavy handed! If you use too much, It may start to pill up or get cakey in deeper liners. Start lightly and you can always add as needed.

2) With the face defenders, you want to apply by pressing or tapping it into your skin, not rubbing or moving back and forth. Doing the latter can result in rubbing off or smearing the makeup you already have on.
without face defender boost
with face defender boost
Like a lot of Mally Beauty products, since a little goes a long, long way, though it is more on the higher end price point, you get a good amount that even using it daily, the compact lasts forever!

The lip color I'm wearing in these pictures is an older Mally Beauty lipstick called "French Kiss" I'm almost done with it sadly. The formula is great- pigmented, moisturizing and a nice amount of shine!

My one complaint regarding the Face Defender Boost: Mally, most awesome Mally- Why didn't you make it sooner???? =)

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<3 Diane



  1. Thanks so much for the review! I was nervous it might be too bronze-y but that looks gorgeous on. I love that the sponge is in the compact too - so convenient. I must get it!

    1. thank you!! it is such a perfect bronzer without being overdone! yes the sponge is in the compact and it also comes with a bigger triangle sponge too!

  2. It looks great on you! Can't wait to see it at my Ulta!

    1. thank you! =) it will probably be in stores in March!


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