SheaMoisture Rescue & Repair Masque & Smoothie (Ulta Exclusives)

SheaMoisture recently released about 5 brand new lines!! Like fellow hair product junkies, I am happily overwhelmed and had to pick up a few things to play with and review. This is my first impressions of two products from the new Ulta Exclusive line, Rescue + Repair. Read on for more.

I have no makeup whatsoever on in these pictures. The weather today was rainy, foggy and gloomy and I had nowhere to be so I stayed home. Ignore those dark circles.

The Rescue + Repair line is an Ulta exlcusive (for now) and features Omegas 3, 6 & 9, Sacha Inchi Oil, Quinoa and Rose of Jericho Extracts. The line is targeted to nourish, rebuild and smooth Damaged and Distressed hair. The ends of my hair are still color treated, bleached and frizzy so they are definitely a prime target to try this line out.
I never heard of Sacha Inchi Oil before this line debuted.

I picked up the Masque and Smoothie from this line and got them so beautifully discounted. On top of them being buy 1 get 1 half off, I also used a $3.50 off $10 Ulta coupon and since I am a Platinum Rewards member, got 3x the Ulta points since it was in a promotional period! If you are not a member of Ulta Rewards, you should sign up here- it's free and I honestly think they have the best reward and points system out there. Signing up with the link i provided will give you $10 off your purchase and also give me a $10 coupon too. =)

The scent of both products are the same- very light and powdery. It is not a strong scent at all and doesn't linger. I like the softness and delicateness it has.

 I used to use an Omega enriched hair masque from Ouidad's Salon Series before they discontinued it, and it was amazing for my hair. I had hopes this masque would provide me similar results and the results were nice! This masque is extremely thick, probably one of the thickest SheaMoisture masques I've used- but it spread through my hair nice and easy and a little bit went far. When I rinsed, my hair felt nice and soft.

I used this masque once so far after cleansing with shampoo, and I left it in about a half hour. I really liked the results and will try using it with my steamer since the label says steam will add to the masque's hydration!

I didn't love the curl defining smoothie from the Coconut & Hibiscus line (the smell got to me) so I hoped this one would be better....and it is! The label refers to this as a "conditioning styler" that helps to reverse dryness, while smoothing down cuticles and enhancing curl patterns. I purposely stretch out my curl pattern so I can't speak for that per say, although without even trying random curls throughout my hair were perfectly defined and shiny! This smoothie left my hair feeling soft, hydrated with less frizz and some nice shine. Other SheaMoisture products have left my hair a bit shinier- the Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Wave Lotion I've been reaching for lately leaves me with more shine than this did.

I used this twice so far. The first time I used a little less and though my hair felt soft and had shine, there was more frizz than I like. I also got stuck out in the rain that day which could have contributed to frizz. The second use, I applied more product and the results were much better. The consistency is thicker than a milk, but not quite as thick as a butter. I think the consistency is perfect for working through the hair.

There isn't much hold to this but that's okay- both times I applied it I used Leave In Conditioner before hand and an Oil blend I was using after as part of the "LCO" (leave in, cream oil) method and applied each in my hair section by section, raking them through and then allowed my hair to air dry while clipping the hairline pieces down with Ricky's NYC Creaseless Clips to stretch them out. Since I've been using that leave in and oil for months, I was able to see what the smoothie did for my hair.
Both the Masque and Smoothie worked well for me and I plan to keep them in my hair product rotation. My ends were still a bit frizzy and dry feeling, but it has also been 4 months since my last trim and they are begging to have the split ends removed. If you're a long time blog reader (thank you!) you know I procrastinate trims in the worst way.

 If you have damaged hair that needs hydration as well as some repairing, give these a try. If you are protein sensitive, due to the Quinoa you may not love this line.
The Anti-Breaking & Strengthening Line (Olive label) is still my very favorite line by SheaMoisture so far.

how I clipped my hairline down to stretch them out.
I also picked up a few items from the SheaMoisture High Porosity line and Peace Rose Oil lines at target so stay tuned for my thoughts on those! I will say right off the bat, after just using the body creme, the Peace Rose Oil line is hands down my absolutely favorite scent SheaMoisture ever put in their products!!! I know there is a Frizz Defense line out at Walgreens I really want to get my hands on too, but no Walgreens near me has it!

<3 Diane


  1. I enjoyed reading your hair post about this SheaMoisture product and your curly/wavy hair style! You look very lovely! :)


  2. Awesome review! Do you like this masque better than any of the other deep conditioners you have used?


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