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I am beyond excited for tarte Cosmetics's huge Rainforest of the Sea launch after seeing so many sneak peeks on their snapchat. A week or so ago, they launched their new concealer from the line, called the Aquacealer with a dual ended brush on QVC. I have been using it since I received it and am in love. Read on for my thoughts!

This is the third item from tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Collection I have. See my other reviews below:
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This is what QVC.com says about the Aquacealer:
"What is it: This luxuriously lightweight, full-coverage concealing serum is infused with tarte's Rainforest of the Sea complex and includes a customized double-ended brush for a flawless application.

Why is it different: The luxurious, lightweight concealer is formulated with pigments suspended in a deep-conditioning serum and water to deliver the coverage you desire. Formulated with tarte's Rainforest of the Sea complex, it offers full, buildable coverage to mask the appearance of dark circles, blemishes, redness, and other imperfections with a custom applicator for targeted application."

"Rainforest of the Sea" is a unique ingredient complex to tarte named this because a key ingredient in this product is algae that is harvested sustainably and responsibly so it protects the eco system in the ocean and also so the nutrients in the algae stay in even after harvested. Algae is incredibly beneficial for the skin. There are also other botanicals in this concealer that are inside like cucumber and coconut oil to help improve the skin. 
the box is just so pretty
Before talking about the concealer, I have to talk about the dual ended brush that came with it. When it launches at Sephora, the brush will be separate, either way this brush is so worth it. I actually had this same brush already, but with a bamboo handle instead of the beautiful holographic one and it is probably my favorite concealer brush of all time! I like to use the smaller side where the bristles are more densely packed to make a "V" shape with the concealer under my eye and then flip and use the fluffier side to blend it all out. The brush (and all tarte products) are cruelty free and synthetic bristles.

  The Aquacealer is housed in a very similar, but smaller bottle to the Rainforest of the Sea foundation but instead of a dropper in the cap like the foundation, it is a giant doe foot applicator. I have no issues with the doe foot applicator and thought it made it easy to get the foundation from bottle to skin while keeping my hands clean. There is an odd fragrance to this concealer- it doesn't bother me much and I didn't smell it on my skin, but one of my good friends (shoutout to Isabella "MusingsOfAMuse") who also got this concealer said the smell was more bothersome to her so I felt that was worth a mention.
foundation and concealer
  I got the shade LIGHT, which is what I wear in almost all of tarte's complexion products and it is definitely on the lighter side of light, but works well for me. I do want to get the shade light-medium for Summer when despite wearing SPF, I still wind up getting a shade or so darker. It is also worth noting I picked up the LIGHT shade of the Rainforest of the Sea foundation and this concealer version of LIGHT is a lot lighter as you can see in the swatch pictures. With the foundation, the shade range when it goes to Sephora will be examples, as there were only 6 shades when it was on QVC.

aquacealer swatch - no flash
aquacealer swatch - flash
aquacealer & foundation swatches - no flash
aquacealer & foundaton swatches- flash

The consistency of this concealer is incredibly lightweight and feels like nothing on my skin which is great! Wear time, it wore all day when i set it with tarte's Amazonian Clay finishing powder.

Here is something very important about this concealer: DO NOT FORGET TO SHAKE THE BOTTLE BEFORE APPLYING! The first day I used it, I forgot to shake it and even though I tried building it up, it didn't cover much and my dark dark dark circles still showed through. I was so sad thinking I didn't like the product but I wanted to give it another try. So the next time when I saw it said "shake" on the bottle I realized what happened the day before.

The product is buildable to the amount of coverage you want and I didn't have issues with it settling into the fine lines appearing under my eyes. When worn alone with nothing underneath, a few layers really did a nice job at covering up my dark circles almost completely, but not 100% entirely. They were still there a little bit.

When I wear this on top of a corrector product, such as the Rainforest of the Sea Camouflage Cream, it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Adding the corrector gives that little bit extra to cancel out the blueness of my dark circles and then the concealer finishes hiding them so my undereye area looks nice, bright and even.
no makeup on whatsoever
just the aquacealer and...and mascara, obviously
aquacealer on top of the Rainforest of the Sea Camouflage Cream

This concealer also does an incredible job at canceling out the redness in my cheeks and disguising blemishes and as a result I need less foundation on top. I had a few pesky hormonal big red breakouts pop up on my jawline and this concealer saved me. It made them vanish without getting cakey. I am thrilled about this coverage for them!
zit city (no makeup on)
aquacealer applied...bye red pimples!!

I think this concealer is good for all skin types since it hydrates yet also feels so lightweight on the skin.

Something else I notice about this concealer, as well as the Rainforest of the Sea foundation, are that they both photograph beautifully and are very selfie friendly! My skin just looks so smooth and filtered in pictures, even though I don't use a filter!

The picture below I have on the Rainforest of the Sea Camouflage Cream, Aquacealer & Foundation. I set it with the Amazonian Clay Powder. That GORGOUS bright pink lippie is the Tarteist Lippie Paint in the shade "Adorbs" I will be doing a blog post on a few of those I picked up soon as well- they are great!
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At time of writing this blog, you can find the Aquacealer and dual ended brush on a set on QVC.com here.
It will be launching on Sephora.com February 29 and in stores sometime in March. Sephora VIB & VIB Rouge members will have access to the Rainforest of the Sea Collection earlier. I can't wait since I am loving the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation and have been using it daily, I need to pick up a back up bottle!

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  1. Thanks for the review, it sounds like the corrector is a great thing to have to accompany this concealer. I'm looking forward to trying both, good to know that the light is quite a bit lighter than the light foundation. I completely forgot about that brush, I have it in the bamboo handle also, I'll need to pull it out.

    1. that brush is so good! the corrector and concealer really do work wonderfully together! I've been using a corrector under my concealers for under eyes for years now.

  2. This has just arrived in the UK on QVC and I've been debating trying it for days. This is pushing me to trying it! I have Creamy Confidence powder on the way as well as two other Tarte foundations. Very new to Tarte but the joy of QVC is being able to return if you don't like it.v


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