tarte Rainforest of the Sea Camouflage Cream

I picked up the Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Camouflage Cream a little while ago on QVC in the shade light-medium. This is a unique product that makes a nice difference in my makeup regimen. Read on for more.

Here is what QVC.com says about the product:
"What is it: A customizable complexion corrector infused with tarte's Rainforest of the Sea complex.
Who is it for: Anyone who wants to brighten and help color-correct the appearance of the under-eye area while prepping for flawless concealer application.
Why is it different: Get a custom dose of coverage to instantly illuminate and refresh the look of the under-eye area while seamlessly concealing imperfections. Simply combine the luxurious, multitasking formulas together to achieve your desired level of color and coverage. The included double-ended brush is the perfect application tool to give you a seamless application and blending.

How do I use it: Use before applying your under-eye concealer. The cream is formulated to prep skin for concealer application. Use the plastic spatula end of the brush to apply a pea-sized amount of the white camouflage cream to the back of your hand. Next, open the lid to the corrector and pick up a generous amount of the tinted corrector with the brush, then blend into the camouflage cream on the back of your hand. For more coverage, use more of the tinted corrector, and for less coverage, use less of the tinted corrector. Once you've blended to the desired level of coverage, blend into the under-eye area in a triangle shape."

The product comes housed in a 2 compartment container with a very pretty blue lid! The top has the camouflage cream and a small mirror and the bottom has a creamy illuminator. The set from QVC also came with a double ended brush and spatula.

The brush is soft, also makes a nice eyshadow brush! The spatula is good to help remove some of the illuminator if you don't want to use your fingers. I actually have been using it to mix the fair and light shades of the BB primer together to get my ideal shade.

"Rainforest of the Sea" is because a key ingredient in this product is algae that is harvested sustainably and responsibly so it protects the eco system in the ocean and also so the nutrients in the algae stay in even after harvested. There are also other botanicals in this foundation that are inside like coconut oil to help improve the skin. This special ingredient is also in their Rainforest of the Sea Foundation I previously reviewed here.
I really like this product! I have been using a corrector type product on my dark circles under my concealer for years. Prior to this one, I really liked the CC Undereye Corrector also by Tarte.

I can use this alone and it has a nice amount of coverage as you can see in the pictures below, but it works best when used under regular concealer to really help counteract the dark coloring of my dark circles. I definitely see a difference and my undereye area looks a lot better when I use a corrector like this with concealer vs. when I don't. I consider my undereye area to be the biggest problem area on my face.
no makeup

camouflage cream combo only (and mascara + eyeshadow primer on lid)

The corrector cream is very silky and does not settle into my fine lines under my eyes. A little bit goes a long way with it. It has a peachy/salmon color to help counteract the blue/purple of dark circles.
The illuminator is interesting. It has a cottage cheese type consistency to it but feels very hydrating and cooling on the skin. It provides a natural, bright glow.
To apply, I like to swipe my middle finger on on hand in the corrector cream, then pick up with illuminator with the other middle finger and rub them together to mix before gently applying on my undereye area. I then use the brush or a Beauty Blender Mini to pat it in. Once I blend it, I follow up with concealer. There are other times i apply this, then immediately apply the concealer over and blend it all at once and that works too. I usually like to use a ratio of more corrector than illuminator.

no flash, not blended
flash, not blended

This Camouflage cream leaves my under eye area brighter, smoother and hydrated which is what it claims to do, so it's a winner in my book!

I look forward to seeing what else Tarte released in this Rainforest of the Sea line!

<3 Diane

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  1. Interesting product. I've never tried a corrector, sounds like the perfect thing as my undereyes are quite dark and concealer just doesn't seem to do much. Defnitely going to give a corrector a try. Thanks!


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