Tweak-d Rev-d Ultra Nourishing Mist

If you are a regular reader of my blog (thank you!) you probably see how much I love the Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatments in my "Hair of the Day" posts. I recently picked up another product by Tweak-d, the Rev-d Ultra Nourishing Mist! Read on for my thoughts on this product.
There are three different versions of this product on HSN that correspond with the same fomrulas of the Self Cleansing Hair Treatments. I had the hardest time deciding between this Ultra Nourishing one and the Restore one!

Here is what says about the product:
"Tresses in distress? Show them some love with this vitamin-rich leave-in mist that revitalizes the look of hair and provides superior conditioning without weighing it down. Perfectly versatile for use on its own, or with your other favorite Tweak-d products, it's just what's needed for taking frazzled locks to a gorgeous new level.

Vitamin-rich blend
  • Milky formula
  • Provides superior conditioning without weighing hair down
  • Contains a special complex of exotic oils, butters, extracts, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in antioxidant"
HSN also says you can use the product in 15 different ways:

Gets hair "Rev-d" up in 15 different ways:
  • Revitalizes the look of hair
  • Refreshes the look of hair
  • Conditions 
  • Nourishes with moisture
  • Instantly detangles
  • Preps hair for styling
  • Smooths the look of hair
  • Enhances the feel of softness
  • Adds the appearance of shine 
  • Tames flyaways 
  • Helps strengthen 
  • Helps protect from styling tool heat
  • pH balanced
  • Helps smooth cuticles
  • Helps revive style without washing 

First the smell. The scent is so delicious!! Very similar to the self cleansing hair treatment, yet even better. To me it is a gourmand floral scent that is not overly strong or overwhelming.

Being one who is a bit heavy handed with product, I wasn't thrilled about such a small size for the price. The bottle is 4.23 oz. However, it is VERY concentrated and I noticed I need to spray less of this than I do with similar sprays so that makes it a whole lot better.

It is important to shake before using this product since it is a dual phase mist and when you shake it all the ingredients mix together.

I have not used it on wet hair, but this is my new favorite second or third day hair refreshing spray!! It refreshes my day old hair, taking away any frizz, adding nice shine and makes my hair more manageable. It helps to correct any waves that may have turned wonky overnight while I slept. It also leaves my hair soft. So very, very, very soft!!!

When I use this spray, I need to put in very little effort to achieve nice looking second day hair. I just spray a little bit all around my head and gently glide my hands over the top of my hair to help smooth it down.

Due to the cold, harsh, dry air we've had in this winter, there have been a few nights I spray a little before going to bed as well to keep my ends moisturized, hydrated and soft.

 Overall, I think this is a really nice, refreshing hair mist that helps treat my hair and make it look great. I REALLY hope Tweak-d makes one of these mists in their amazing Tribal Chocolate formula! That would be incredible if nothing else, for the scent alone.

<3 Diane

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