Why I'm no longer using Monat & deleted several "Hair of the Day" posts (please read)

Well this isn't a blog post I wanted to do but...the Monat company contacted me and to sum it up short complained that I was using their products with other products and didn't want me to do that. What!? Between that and their terrible, terrible TERRIBLE customer service and me not getting paid properly on my commissions with them, I decided to quit any relation with this company including supporting their brand and using their products.

I deleted their name and products out of a lot of blog posts so people can't google search and my posts come out for them. So if you read any old blogs now and see "a brand I can no longer mention" you know what it is. I also just deleted a lot of "Hair of the Day" posts where I just used their products since that was easier to do than aggravate myself and waste time trying to edit them all.

Are their products good? Yes. I won't say their products are terrible now because really, they're not.
But are there other amazing products and brand out there? YES

But they frustrated me for the last time trying to say not to use their products with other brands. I'm a beauty blogger! A hair blogger and a product junkie. That's ridiculous, I'm done.

Sorry for any confusion and inconvienence to you, my readers. But know I will always be honest and truthful with you and I am not going to use hair products if I can't even mention them in my hair of the day blog posts.

<3 Diane

P.S. if you are curious, some of my favorite brands are Shea Moisture, Ouidad, Original Moxie, Tweak-d, Innersense Organics, Devacurl, VERB and Raw Curls!

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