Hair of Many Days: Last Days of Blow Out & Return of Curls Post Cut

So my amazing blow out from Jason at Ouidad lasted me 8 days!! Never in my life has a blow out lasted THAT long, staying in good shape! I am beyond wowed. Once I washed, I used my huetiful hair steamer with a Masque to give my hair a little extra TLC post blow out. I am also happy to say even curly, the cut is magnificent! But I wouldn't expect anything else from Jason! Lots of "Hair of the Day" pics to follow with details so read on for more!

If you missed my initial blog post about my 3rd cut at the Ouidad Salon with tips to safely straighten curly hair and blow out days 1-4 be sure to check that out HERE.

I still can't get over how good this blow out was. It lasted through sleeps and work outs with the help of dry shampoo and brushing through my hair. I didn't go back in with any heat at all since Day 2 but if the ends looked dry I added a nickel size amount of leave in.

If I was going somewhere fancy, I may have touched up the back since it did start to curve in a little by day 8- but I mean, DAY 8!! Incredible!! You guys don't understand- my hair just NEVER stays straight like that! Even Tommie said it was the best he has ever seen my hair straight in the almost 6 years of us dating. I was actually tempted to push the blow out past Easter and go to Day 10 but Tommie and my niece, Melissa, were both like "wash your hair! you're pushing it a bit far now"..They were probably right. My roots were getting a bit dingy looking even with dry shampoo by the end- but still, to me it looked better than ever!

So here are the last few days of the blow out:

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8
I forgot to selfie on Day 8 but I do have this picture of Melissa and I! Check out her awesome curls too! =) She actually goes to a Ouidad certified salon near her house and also really likes Ouidad and SheaMoisture products! (Being my niece has benefits..I love sharing hair products. hehe)

As mentioned, I was sad to wash away my blow out on the 9th day. The night prior, I saturated my hair in coconut oil to pre treat it.

Here is everything I used on wash day:

Pre Shampoo (yes, on top of coconut oil)Tweak-d Tribal Chocolate Self Cleansing Hair Treatment

Shampoo: Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Shampoo. I actually shampooed, rinsed and repeated figuring I had over a week of stuff to wash out of my hair.

Conditioner: Mix of Shea Moisture's High Porosity and Frizz Defense Masques. Sat under hair steamer for 20 minutes then hit the ends more using my Q-Redew portable steamer for more concentrated steam.

Styling: Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Conditioner as a leave in, Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Anti Breakage Wave Defining Lotion and High Porosity Elixir to seal.

I applied products section by section, air dried my hair as usual, clipping the front hairline pieces back to straighten them out.

I think I was a bit too heavy handed with product which you can kind of see, especially day 2. I forget freshly cut hair means no uber dry, super thirsty ends so I need to be more light handed.

My roots and some hair are still actually somewhat wet in these Day 1 pics:
 Day 2
Once again, I went a bit heavy handed with product.
I used the R & Co Dry Shampoo on my roots then applied the Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Mist as a refresher follow up with the last a cream that's been discontinued to finish it up. 
I'll be sure to post more hair of the days when my curls actually look a bit better but I wanted to show you these because I am human and I most certainly do not have fantastic hair days every single day of my life.

I'm really happy with the cut and how Jason listened to shape it so nicely and I didn't lose much length at all! I look forward to the color all growing out and for my hair to be really long again.

I'll admit it- I really liked---LOVED how my hair looks straight at this length! I kinda sorta want it straight more often, if it could look and behave like how it did. I wish I can afford for Jason to blow it out weekly. I'm tempted to try and do it myself with his tips soon, so if I do of course I'll blog about it and see how it goes.

<3 Diane

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