My 3rd Ouidad Cut, How to Straighten Curly Hair Safely & 4 Days of Pics After

I FINALLY got my much needed split ends cut!!!! YAY! The other day I went to see Jason at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in NYC for the third time and as usual, I am beyond happy with the outcome. Not only will I have details about the cut in this blog post, but also tips from a curl expert himself (Jason) and how you can blow out curly and wavy hair more safely with minimal damage and show 4 days worth of my blow out pics! This is seriously the best blow out of my life!! Continue reading for more.

Just a brief history in case you don't know, about a year ago I suffered extremely traumatic hair drama with my long, beautiful hair breaking off from bad bleach damage. I got my first Ouidad cut with Jason in April 2015 and my next one in October 2015. You can read about those experiences here and here if you would like.

When it came to the cut, just like my last visits, Jason and I had a detailed conversation about what I wanted to get out of it before any cutting was done. He said my split ends weren't quite as bad as I was making them out to be, but they still needed to be cleaned up. Also, I have some awkward weird "shelving" "stacking" in some areas from attempting to snip some split ends at home again (ooopps) and he knew just what I meant and how to fix them. He angled the front a bit to fix that awkwardness and took off as little length as possible while shaping and cleaning up the rest. It's such an incredible feeling to sit in a hair dresser's chair with complete trust and feeling comfortable. I still have some uneven and shorter pieces in the back from bleach damage that need to grow out because I'm not willing to go that much shorter just to get it all even, so I deal and he respects my wishes in that regard.

 I was first shampooed with the Ouidad Clear and Gentle Shampoo and conditioned with the Color Sense Conditioner before the cut. Ouidad cuts are on wet hair, and catered to each and every head of hair! I actually prefer the cut wet since my waves don't fall the same way any two washes, so this makes senseand works well for me.

After some cutting and minimal hair on the floor (yay) I went back to the sink for a treatment with Ouidad's Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask. This is one of my all time favorite masks ever, but I haven't had a jar in a while and I forgot just how AMAZING this stuff really is. It left my hair feeling softer than softer, smooth and so silky.

Once my hair was all dry and pretty, Jason went back with the scissors to clean up a few stray pieces.
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So how did I wind up leaving a world renowned curly hair salon with straight hair? Jason and I were talking and I mentioned how I haven't seen my hair straight in so long now and he asked if I wanted him to blow it out. I'm sure my face looked confused as I said something along the lines of "You guys are allowed to blow out hair here?" He then replied, which made completely sense- if you are going to have your hair blown out straight, it SHOULD be by curl experts, and people who truly understand how fragile curly and wavy hair is, so they do so while protecting the hair. Aaahh! Makes total sense now! Since I had a weekend with a couple of parties to attend to (I missed you that weekend, Netflix. LOL) I said "Let's go for the blow out!"

Jason seriously has to be some kind of Hair God. Anytime I ever get my hair blown out or attempted to straighten it IT NEVER STAYS. It poofs. It frizzes. It turns into some weird wonky crazy half waved hair kinda straight not pretty mess. But...IT DIDN'T. Not only did my hair decide to behave and stay straight, smooth, frizz free and wonderful that lasted me DAYS without needing to be touched up by me at all. It lasted even when it was rain/snowing on Day 3 and through a work out on Day 4. It lasted through all the nights sleeps without the usual awkward sleep dent in the morning. INCREDIBLE!

Jason used a round brush with the blow dryer to blow dry my hair and then used a flat iron to get more stubborn pieces and so it looked really nice and silky. he used the Ouidad Climate Control Frizz & Flyaway Fighter Spray for heat protection and once he was done, added a drop of Ouidad Shine Serum and sprayed my hair with Ouidad's Flexible Hold Hairspray.

While at the salon, I asked Jason for some tips to safely straighten curls and waves...and here they are!

-When straightening curls, it is so important to use a topical conditioning masque, such as Ouidad's Melt Down Extreme Reapir Mask, before and after the straightening process. This will help protect the hair as well as coat and buffer the hair from heat before straightening and help repair and mend the hair after.

-When using any deep conditioning mask, it is good to apply the product in the hair in small sections making a "scissor motion" to get the product into the hair. The friction and heat from your hands help penetrate the product into the hair and also helps the hair cuticle lay down flat and your hair can also absorb more of the beneficial ingredients from the conditioners.

-Don't straighten curly hair too often because of the damage (we knew this one already) and if you could- it is strongly suggested to get your hair blown out professionally at a salon that knows curls since they will know how to blow the hair out safely.

-If you are going to attempt to blow out curls at home, use a heat protector to protect the hair from the hot tools, go in smaller sections and take your time!

Day 1 (fresh done) Hair...

Day 2 Hair
I did go in with my flat iron at the hairline to get it extra straight, but the rest of my hair was fine- i just brushed through! I used the Living Proof straight Spray as my heat protector and a dime size amount of Ouidad's Shine Serum throughout my lengths.
Day 3 Hair
Woke up, added a quarter size amount of Ouidad's Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner/Shine Serum combo to ends and a little higher on length, brushed it and done!
My hairline/bangs were kind of driving me nuts (I want them to grow) so I tucked them behind the ear.
 Day 4 Hair
This was the first time I worked out since the blow out so this really blew my mind!! My hair stayed straight through my sweaty workout! I did wear a headband to absorb some sweat. I used the R+Co Dry Shampoo on my scalp and then a quarter size Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In/Shine Serum Combo on my ends.

I'm still blown away with how nice and long this blow out lasted me (no pun intended. okay, maybe some pun intended. hahaha) and happy as usual with my cut! Once I (hopefully) find a job I may be popping in there for blow outs a bit more often!!

I do feel like a completely different human when my hair is straight. I can't stop touching it- it's so so so so so so so silky!!! It hasn't gotten knotty or tangled at the ends as my hair often does when I would attempt to straighten it either.

As soon as I wash my hair and my curly waves return, I'll be sure to have another blog post to show the cut on my natural texture so check back in a few days...I'll also continue the updates on this blow out as the days progress in that blog (or possibly a separate one, I'll see) but know I will be stretching this nice straight hair as long as I possibly can! =D

If you have curly or wavy hair and are in the NYC area, you should definitely go see Jason at the Ouidad flagship salon!!!

disclaimer: please note this post was not sponsored by Ouidad or the Ouidad salon in any way
<3 Diane

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