Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense Line Initial Review

 Another Shea Moisture new line review! The Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense line I believe is exclusive to Walgreens stores at the moment. This line, which currently consists of four products, is for thick, wavy, protein sensitive hair. Read on for my initial thoughts!

 I am saying these are my initial thoughts because I have been using the products individually and all together for a couple weeks now. However, I am way past due for a hair cut (I finally made my appointment) and I think as a result of this, my results may be a bit off. So once I go for the haircut I will be revisiting this line with an update.

The Frizz Defense line features Raw Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Passflora and Pistachio Oils. The scent is delicious. I can definitely sniff out the Pistachio in here and overall the best thing I can compare the fragrance too would be a Spumoni flavored Italian Ice from Ralph's Italian Ices. So good!!

Aside from the claims to defend against frizz, what really made me want to try this line is how the products help hair resist poofing! I can't stand when my hair poofs up and just continues to expand sideways, especially in the warm weather.

Frizz Defense Shampoo

This shampoo is sulfate free but lathers a bit. Every time I use this my hair feels nice and clean but also soft. My wet hair even looks shinier! I agree that it moisturizes well for a traditional shampoo (not a co-wash) and I have no issues or complaints about it. I like this shampoo formula!

Frizz Defense Masque

I like this masque, but I do not love it. There are other SheaMoisture masques I just love so much more. I have to use a good amount to feel enough gets in all my hair, so a little did not go a long way for me with this one. It did detangle easily and my hair felt soft after. By no means is it a bad masque, it just did not wow me. I want to try it with my hair steamer and see if that helps. 

Frizz Defense Conditioner

I actually like this Conditioner better than the Masque in the line. This formula is very thick and moisturizing, but still comes out of the pump no problem (side note: I like these pump bottles SO MUCH BETTER than the new tubes Shea Moisture is releasing for their Shampoos and Conditioners now) I used it as a regular conditioner and also as a leave in and it worked well for me both ways. Detangled, left my hair soft and helped enhance my hair definition a bit.

Frizz Defense Styling Gel-Cream
The first time I used this, I used all other styling products, wash and conditioners I've been using and loving so I could really see what this product does on it's own. It defined my curls and left them shiny and frizz free, but I noticed my hair took a lot longer than usual to air dry. When I used this also with the rest of the Frizz Defense line, I also noticed my hair took longer than usual to air dry so that's no good. It dried in a cast but I was able to scrunch it out with no problem and was left with shiny, minimum frizz, defined waves underneath. The gel flies out of the bottle very quickly, as it is a bit runny and just like the masque, I found that I needed to use quite a bit of product to get my desired results where with other Shea Moisture gels (such as the high porosity line one) I didn't need half as much.

What Shea Moisture says about the line helping with poofing I did find to be true. My hair did not expand and was not overly frizzy so that's great. There was some frizz on the ends, but again, I do attribute that to needing a haircut.

One thing I believe may be a factor in why I didn't absolutely love all of these products the way I do with a lot of other Shea Moisture lines is that this line was made for protein sensitive hair and my hair loves protein. So maybe the fact it doesn't have any protein in it could be why my hair is finding the line to be okay, but not "OMG FANTASTICALLY AMAZING" That makes sense to me.
I think if you are protein sensitive or low porosity, this line will work extremely well for you.

This is some Day 1 hair I used the Shampoo and Masque from the Frizz Defense line.The Frizz Defense Conditioner as a leave in followed by the Gel-Cream and then the Mongongo & Hemp See Oils High Porosity Elixir to seal. I air dried my hair and clipped the front sections back, as I usually do.

As mentioned earlier, this line will be revisited again after my haircut and when it gets more humid out so I can put it to a better test!

Of the new lines I tried out so far, The Mongongo Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Line is my favorite with the Omega 3, 6 & 9 Rescue & Repair line not far behind. I actually picked up more products from that line to try and still have to test out the rest of the Peace Rose Complex line (so far I just tried the conditioner and loved it) You can search "Shea Moisture" on the search bar to the right on my blog if you are interested in seeing other Shea Moisture posts and make sure you are subscribed for upcoming "Hair of the Day" posts and reviews.

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  1. Thanks for introducing this line to me... no idea about these new products! I love Shea Moisture and I have low porosity hair... so I'm excited about trying them!!!


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