Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette & So Fine Liner- 4 Looks!

I knew I had to own the Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette from Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Collection as soon as I first saw a sneak peak of it! I love Tarte's eyeshadow palettes, the colors are beautiful neutrals AND it's beachy/mermaid themed which if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with!! Read on for my thoughts and looks with this palette.

I always love when Tarte releases their "circle palettes" Most of the circle palettes have blushes, bronzer and highlighter too. Yes, some of these shades you can wear as highlighter, but there is no blush or bronzer. However, the shadows are bigger than usual. I'm okay with this. This is a little smaller than the other circle palettes and super light to carry with you

The design on the front of the palette is beautiful and reminds me so much of the ocean! On the other side of the front is a huge mirror which makes it easy to apply makeup anywhere. Another plus is when opened, the mirror stands up by itself without needing to lean the compact on anything.

Something else I REALLY appreciate about this palette that Tarte has been doing a lot of lately is that the names of the shades are printed on the actual palette underneath their shades, instead of on a separate slip out sheet.
The shadow names in the palette are the cutest- all beach related! They are:
  • Mermaid - Gold
  • Seashell - Pink
  • Wave - Slate
  • Abyss - Dark Brown
  • Reef - Copper
  • Starfish - Bronze
  • Cove - Tan
  • Sand - Ivory
no flash

These shadows have a new creamy powder shadow formula by Tarte featuring their Rainforest of The Sea complex which helps to hydrate and balance the lids. I LOVE this new shadow formula (to be fair I also really like the amazonian clay shadow formula too) The shadows are pigmented and buildable, glide on like butter, blend together SUPER easily and wear all day over an eyeshadow primer without creasing on me. They are not chalky and I had no fall out issues whatsoever. 

You can use a shadow brush or even your fingers to apply these shadows- they are THAT creamy and pigmented! I've used my fingers for my lid and crease to do a quick look and they practically blended themselves. It was awesome.

 I did have a difficult time with only one shade.The Ivory shade, "Sand" and I had to reach into it quite a bit to pick up product. You'll notice even on my hand swatch, this shade is hardly noticeable. It could also be because it does match my skin tone almost exactly.

There are 2 matte finishes in this palette and the other 6 have the most gorgeous metallic, shimmery finish! 

Of the shades, "Seashell" is my favorite. I'm crazy about light pink eyeshadows against my blue eyes and this is such a perfect, cool toned pink! Going with the Sea theme, it would have been cool to see a turquoise shade in here like they had in the Aqualillies palette in 2013, but no biggie about that!

The palette also comes with a card that has step by step instructions on how to get 2 looks!

This is truly an excellent cool toned, versatile neutral palette that is perfect for any makeup collection! They are perfect to wear, every day shades that you can also dress up and intensify for night time or special occasions! There are endless possibilities! Plus, it is so easy to carry with you.

The Looks!

   "Sand" on brow bone, "Wave" in crease, "Seashell" on lid and "Abyss" on outer lid/V
I wish I took close ups of this look! It was right before a concert and I was rushing so my apologies that I didn't.

Also for this look I lined my bottom waterline in black for a more dramatic effect. The lippie I am wearing is Tarte's Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick in "Whimsey" with their discontinued Vitamin Gloss in "Om" on top.

"Sand" on brow bone, "Reef" in crease & low lash line, "Mermaid" on lid and "Starfish" on outer lid/V 
The lippie in this look is Tarte's Amazonian Butter Lipstick in "Pink Peony"

"Sand" on brow bone, "Mermaid" in crease and low lash line, "Seashell" on lid and "Wave" on outer lid/V

The lippie I am wearing is tarte's Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in "Surfer Girl"

I actually tried to recreate the "Beach Bum Bronze" look from the card that came included. My liquid liner skills today were not at their best, as you can probably tell.
The lippie I am wearing is tarte's Coconut Oil Lipstick in "Soft Pink"

  In Looks #2, #3 and #4 I have Tarte's new Tarteist mascara on my lashes! I am IN LOVE with this mascara, expect a separate review of that too!

For all of the looks, I used Tarte's So Fine Micro Liner, also from the Rainforest of the Sea Collection. I struggle with applying liquid liner, and the smaller, finer tip on this makes it easier for me to work with than most liners. I'm able to line close to my lashes and get a thinner line, so I don't wind up looking like a Panda Bear by the time I'm finished! The pigment is super black and it does not budge until you hit it with makeup remover (or Tarte's Deep Dive Cleansing Gel which I am currently OBSESSED WITH!!) Another tip for applying liquid eyeliner, if you are shaky like me, try resting your elbow on a sturdy surface while applying. That tip has helped me tons!

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Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Collection can be found exclusively at Sephora & tarte.com. I strongly suggest joining tarte.com's tarte tokens program because it is free and you can get rewards!! Sign up here (disclaimer: signing up through my link gives me 10 tarte tokens but at no cost to you)

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  1. Those shadows are gorgeous! Oh and your liner skills look pretty good to me too. Can't wait to see your review of the liner too.


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