Beach Photoshoot & Hair of the Day- Days 1 and 2

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of blogging, I was busy and away over the weekend and then I just have not been feeling my best. I was feeling nice over the weekend celebrating a friend's birthday then going to Atlantic City for Tommie and my 6 year dating anniversary. Read on for more!

 Day 1

So Saturday was wash day and day 1 hair. Here is the product run down:

  • Overnight Treatment: Coconut Oil
  • Pre-Shampoo: Tweak-d Self Cleansing Treatment in Tribal Chocolate for a half hour
  • Shampoo: Raw Curls Organics Wavy Swavy Shampoo
  • Conditioner: mix of a bunch of SheaMoisture masques
  • Styling: Raw Curls Organics Wavy Swavy Conditioner as a leave in, SheaMoisture Anti-Breaking Wave Defining Lotion and High Porosity Finishing Elixir
not included in pic: coconut oil and SheaMoisture mix masques
As usually I air dried clipping the front hairline pieces back to dry straighter.
I want to try and let the hairline pieces dry a bit more wavy but am still unsure how to go about doing it. I can't just leave them as it because they are super square curly and not cure and kind of go out horizontally. It's quite odd.

You'll see in the pictures the hairline pieces stretched out kind of hides how nicely defined and really wavy the underneath section looks. Also my roots are still a tad wet in all of these pictures except the one of Tommie and I. I should have taken more when it was completely dry but we were out to dinner and at a friend's house and I forgot.
the underneath section still drying, it's so defined (at least to me)

Day 2
Day 2 hair was easy. I sprayed each section (6 sections total) using Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist in Spring Orange Blossom, my absolute favorite seasonal scent (sad note: Tommie had a bad reaction to the smell so I can't use it around him anymore which makes it pointless for me to buy now) and then on top of each section I used a quarter pump of DevaCurl Mirror Curls Shine Serum. I forgot how much I love this serum before I dug it out of my stash. This is one of those products where it is really easy to go heavy handed and overdo it, so I have to be careful.

We were on the beach in Atlantic City, the weather was PERFECT so we played photoshoot (well, I asked Tommie 500 times to take pictures of me.) My hair even held up with the wind and sea air. I love salt water air...and the beach...

It was windy, as I mentioned so that shows in my hair in these photos ;)

I found a perfect seashell! I was so excited about it!

love of my life ;)
 Dress is from Lilly Pulitzer =)

I was also able to get good Day 3 hair but we woke up, had breakfast with a beautiful view and actually just didn't take pictures. Ooopps!

I really have been loving the Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Shampoo and Conditioner. The definition it is adding to my hair is incredible! I wound up ordering a huge 32oz size of the conditioner so it can last me the whole shampoo bottle since I go through so much more conditioner vs. shampoo.

Makeup wise for these pictures this is everything I have on, except eyeshadows and blush since that's the only thing that was different on both days.

-Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer
-Tarte Colored Clay CC Corrector and Concealer in LIGHT (check it out here. it's on sale!!)
-Supergoop CC Cream in Fair/Light
-Mally Beauty 4K HD Foundation in LIGHT
-Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Hydrating Undereye Brightener in LIGHTER
-Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer
-Mally Beauty More is More Mascara
-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lip Primer
-Younique Moonstruck Lipstick in RITZY
-Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist
-Tarte Brow Architect

I also didn't forget I owe you guys an update on the Mally TSV from last week. I have been loving all of it!  But that post will come soon, along with lots more!

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<3 Diane

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