Britney Spears Maui Fantasy Perfume

I'm a big fragrance fan and I've been enjoying Briney Spears' perfumes since the original Fantasy came out back when I was in high school! A few months ago, she released a new flanker: Maui Fantasy. As soon as I went to Kohls to smell it, I knew I had to have it on my perfume shelf. Read on for more.

Most of Britney's scents are gourmand (sweet), which is why I love them so much and this new fragrance mixes the sweetness in with some fruits and notes inspired by the beach and it is perfect for Summer!

Before even addressing the juice itself, I have to obsess over this bottle for a minute! Gorgeous turquoise blue with a graphic of a hot pink hibiscus, my favorite flower in bright pink on it. Everything about this just screams "Diane"  =)

Top: bird of paradise flower, pink grapefruit and passion fruit.
Mid: hibiscus petals, cyclamen, orange blossom and tiare flower (Hawaiian monoi).
Base: coconut, vanilla, blue musk, white amber and beachy blonde woods.

 As I mentioned earlier, this scent reminds me of the beach and Summer. says that Britney wanted to "create a fragrance that gives me the amazing feeling I have while I’m there (In Maui) – surrounded by the ocean and beautiful flowers." I think Brit nailed it.

Even from the first sniff, I detected the coconut and vanilla from the base. I'm so picky when it comes to coconut that I'm thrilled this is coconut done right and not sickly fake sweet. I am also happy this is not one of those fragrances where Coconut is the star and the other notes are just supporting roles. The blend of coconut with the other fruits, florals and warm notes and mixed together wonderfully.

I also kept thinking I smelled pineapple but there is no pineapple note in here so what my sniffer is detecting must be the blend of grapefruit, passion fruit and orange blossom with the Monoi. Regardless of those specifics, I think Maui Fantasy is light, smells sweet, warm, fresh and fruity...a perfect combination! Though there are some florals in here, I personally don't think it is strong floral fragrance at all.

The scent itself lingers on my skin for quite a few hours which is excellent. i always get so disappointed when I spray a perfume and I can't smell it anymore after a few minutes.

This is a limited edition fragrance. I found the 1oz bottle at Kohls. I wish it wasn't limited edition because I will be sad when it is gone. Currently, Maui Fantasy is tied with Midnight Fantasy as my favorite Britney perfume ever.

It is also worth noting both my boyfriend AND my dad commented about the perfume saying they liked whatever I had on! Tommie never holds back when he dislikes a scent, or if it bothers his sensitive nose, and this one passed that test!
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<3 Diane

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