Doll 10 Beauty Effortlash Multi-Dimensional Mascara

Hi! I am Diane and I am a mascara junkie. I always get so excited when my favorite brands release new mascara formulas and Doll 10 Beauty is one of my favorite brands with a brand new mascara formula! The Effortlash Multi-Dimensional Mascara is currently in a duo on and it is a lovely formula with one little quirk. Continue reading for more.

Here is what says about the formula:

"Full, flirtatious lashes are finally yours. Doll 10's next-generation Effortlash Mascara combines a unique gel formula and an innovative brush to deliver lashes that appear thicker, longer, and voluminous. Each lash is precisely separated without clumping or flaking. So ahead and flutter your fringe with confidence! From Doll 10 Beauty."
I REALLY like the spoolie (brush) on this mascara! It is a molded rubber brush, which I actually prefer over soft bristles, and the width of it is extremely thin. All of the new mascaras I have been trying have had rubber brushes and I love it! As a girl with blonde, short, nearly invisible lashes, I appreciate how thin the spoolie is because I can easily get down to the base of my lashes without getting mascara on my lids and also get my lower lashes with equal amounts of ease. The spoolie also picks up every single tiny, little lash.
The mascara formula is great. A true black pigment, it goes on clump free and really elongates my lashes and makes them look so full! It wears all day and doesn't flake or bother my sensitive eyes. It stays all day until I remove it at night and had no issue removing it with tarte's Deep Dive Cleansing Gel which is my favorite makeup remover currently. The mascara also does not leave my lashes feeling stiff or brittle.
I did mention there is one quirk to this mascara for me and that is that because my lashes get so nice and long (certainly not a bad thing) I do get some transfer on my brow bone. The formula does not dry down 100% and stays wet, so sadly the transfer does happen but it isn't a deal breaker for me. I just keep an eye out and wipe it off. The long wear formula, the fact I can apply two coats of this easier and a lot faster than I can with most mascaras, and that it doesn't clump or flake but makes my lashes look fake far outweigh that one minor quirk.
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