Mally Beauty "The Good Life" QVC Today's Special Value 4/11/16 Part 1

FINALLY. FINALLY!!!! It has been WAY TOO LONG since QVC in the states here gave us a Today's Special Value kit from Mally Beauty!! Nonetheless, it is finally here and I'm so excited about it! New product launches! Fantastic low price! A whole face worth of makeup! Did I say I'm excited? Let's get into the blog. Continue reading for more.

Real quick Today's Specal Value or "TSV" is when QVC offers a product or kit at the lowest price it will ever be and it is only good for 24 hours only, or even less if the product sells out faster!!

I feel SUPER fortunate and lucky the wonderful people at Mally Beauty ever so kindly sent me this kit to review. I can't thank them enough, especially since I'm still job searching for a career I love in beauty. (Mally Beauty is based in NYC...I'm based in NYC...just sayin'...;) ;)

So I actually received the kit on my doorstep today a couple hours ago, April 11- TSV day. Obviously I can't give my opinion or thoughts on actual wear time or anything like that regarding the new releases, but I can provide info and show you the products. I will do a follow up blog in a week with a more thorough review, so fear not! Also, my apologies my hair is soaking wet post shower and my brows also need a desperate threading today- please ignore that!
Here is what says about the kit:
"What is it: Life is good with these high-performance products that quickly enhance your beauty whether you're going shopping, meeting the girls for coffee, taking selfies, heading to the office, or walking the red carpet! Each product in The Good Life is easy, quick, light, and 4K HD beautiful!

Why is it different: This six-piece collection contains the most luxurious products yet. The 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation creates a flawless finish that looks and feels undetectable; More is More Mascara coats the lashes for a dramatically dark, lush, "false lash" look; and Ultimate Performance Lip Shellac lays down a luminous blanket of long-wearing color!"

4K Ultra HD Fantasy Powder Foundation 
This is available in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Rich. I am in the shade LIGHT.

This foundation is infused with coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamins so it is good for the skin! Watching presentations on QVC last night and this morning, the product demo was blowing me away and I couldn't wait to try.

The shade light is perfect for me but it is worth mentioning it is more of a yellow undertoned light. I adore this foundation so far. The finish is wonderful- beautifully matte and takes away all the shine that my combo skin is prone to having. Coverage is buildable up to medium and almost full. I used the brush that came with the TSV to apply it all over my face but then went in with a smaller, denser brush to target my dark, dark, dark undereye circles. I was happily surprised how well it covered them alone without the need for additional concealer! That rarely happens for me. I also was pleased how to covered some redness and discoloration my cheeks. I do have a big, angry, ugly zit on my right cheek (side note: adult acne sucks) and it did not cover it up 100% but did make it significantly less noticeable. So far, it has not settled into any of my pores or fine lines which is great. I have issues with a lot of powder foundations settling into the little fine lines under my eyes and the parenthesis lines around my mouth when I wear powder alone. I look forward to seeing how this wears throughout the day, especially when I go outside. Stay tuned for my update blog for a more detailed review of wear time, etc!

Evercolor Shadow Sticks Extra
We get two of these in the kit! Moonlight is a light champagne shimmer shade and Smoky Quartz is a medium plum-brown shimmer shade.

I actually have Moonlight from a shadow stick extra set that came out around the holidays last year and love it since it is so versatile! Aside from a shade that works on lid, brow bone, inner corner and the lower waterline to brighten up your eye area, it can also double as a highlighter on the face and even use a little on top of lipstick to really make your lips look big and full if you want.

The Smoky Quartz is another pretty color. I love that it is plum-brown as opposed to straight up brown since I don't wear brown shadows.

On my look below I used Moonlight on my bottom waterline, under my brows and also on my cheek bones and cupid's bow on my face. I used Smoky Quartz all over my lid and below my lower lash line. These colors not only brightened my eye area, I feel as if they brightened my whole face!

The Shadow Sticks Extras are such a great formula. They are creamy, pigmented and wear all day. You don't even need to wear an eyeshadow primer under them! You have about 45 seconds to blend them together and once you do, they will not budge until you take them off at night.

More is More Mascara
A new mascara formula from Mally! Her Volumizing Mascara and Instant Impact. Macara are two formulas that really work well for my short, blonde lashes so I was excited for the newness. I also saw Mally give us a sneak peek on her Snapchat (@MallyRoncal) wearing this mascara and her lashes looked fake and awesome, so that made me extra excited to give this a try!

So far so good with this mascara. I love the spoolie. Mally called it a "Starburst Brush" because at the very end it has little rubber bristles all over like a starburst. This was great for me getting my inner corner lashes. I was able to get more short, blonde lashes looking really long and thick without any clumping issues. This mascara makes me not need falsies which is an awesome thing since honestly, I can't be bothered with false lashes even if I like how they look. It did not bother my sensitive eyes when applying and has not smeared or smudged yet. Hopefully it won't and if it doesn't, it may replace Instant Impact as my favorite Mally mascara! Check back for my update blog in a few days for more on that. Mally also mentioned during the presentation I believe that there are ingredients in here that nourish the lashes which is something I always am all about!

Ultimate Performance Lip Shellac
A new lip formula by Mally! Mally's lippies are some of my favorite lippies I own, and I probably shouldn't admit to just how many different colors and formulas I have in my collection. LOL

The shade is Cherry Blossom, described as "a medium soft focus pinkish-nude shade" To me the color is perfection... it is a beautiful, cooler toned light pink! Perfect for every day. The lip shellac is glossy and VERY pigmented. It helped fill in some of the fine lines in my lips and also made my lips look fuller. It is not sticky or tacky, but does have a "grip" to it. This is not a bad thing and I think helps the gloss wear for quite a while on my lips. The color and formula of this Lip Shellac is wonderful!

Foundation Brush

This brush is very soft and made applying the foundation from this TSV effortless! There are all different sized bristles in the brush so it can pick up the product and help distrbute it all over the face well.

Makeup Bag

The bag is so cute, greyish/black and pink! It is extremely roomy as you can tell from the picture. There is so much room you can double this bag as a clutch to go out with.

Foundation, Lip Shellac, Moonlight and Smokey Quartz
no flash

No Makeup On:
 With the TSV On:


*The only makeup I have on that is not part of the TSV are my eyebrows and a clear face primer!

With this TSV, you also have the option to go on Auto Delivery which will send you another kit in July with refills of everything, including different shades of the Lip Shellac and Evercolor Shadow Sticks Extras. The bag is pink instead of black, Shadow Sticks come in  Pink Champagne, a light pink shimmer shade and Burnished Bronze, a medium golden brown shimmer shade and Ultimate Performance Lip Shellac in  comes in Perfect Nude, a light soft focus nude shade.

Check out Mally's blog on here to read what inspired her to create this kit!

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<3 Diane


  1. Thank you so much for the review! I ordered light and judging from your pics it should be perfect! I cannot wait to get my kit!

    1. Thank you for reading!!! Let me know what you think when you get it! =)

  2. Wow, that foundation looks fantastic on you!

  3. Love it! Thanks for posting the before and after! Needed A true sense of what "light" would look like. Looks great!

  4. This is about to hit the UK, so it is really good to read all about it here. I love both your reviews. It sounds like it is a collection worth getting. That powder, and the magical mascara alone, wow!


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