Mally Beauty "The Good Life" QVC Today's Special Value Part 2

I blogged about the Mally Beauty "The Good Life" TSV kit on the day of the QVC special. It was a detailed mini review and first impressions and I promised a follow up so here it is! If you missed Part 1, read that here. If not, continue reading for my updated review!

Iv'e been reaching for the products in this kit pretty much every single day I wore makeup since I got this kit in my hands. I LOVE it!! ESPECIALLY the new powder foundation.

If you saw the few "hair of the day" blog posts and photoshoot blog post I did since that TSV, I had on the 4K HD Fantasy Foundation in all of them!

So I'll get to talking about the foundation first since I already started. ;) I do like wearing it by itself, but now my favorite way to wear it is to dust a layer over a CC Cream (currently I'm loving Supergoop's) and concealer. By doing this, I am using less product but still ever so beautifully mattifying my skin, giving a bit more coverage and just making my complexion look flawless overall. It's so lightweight and I just love what it does to my face. The other benefit of applying this on top of a CC cream is I get SPF in the CC cream which this foundation powder sadly does not have. I apply it with the brush that came in the kit which is equally wonderful. I have had no issues with bristles shedding even though I washed it twice and they are so soft and make the application effortless.

I do hope they start selling the foundation by itself soon because overall the shade Light works well for me, but I'd like to pick up a fair to mix in for certain areas of my face as well. Plus, when I run out of this if I can't buy more I'm going to be super sad. This foundation powder is truly incredible for my combination skin.

In all the "selfies" here, the foundation is on top of CC Cream and concealer.
TSV foundation, mascara and lippie on
The mascara is also a huge love of mine! It wears all day, even by the ocean and at the beach!!! It does not flake or smudge or move at all on me until I remove it at night with cleansing gel. It separates my lashes, making them look longer and thicker. I'm thrilled that this formula stays put and my sensitive eyes are not bothered by it at all. I can now say this is my favorite mascara formula from Mally.

everyone from the TSV on my face except shadow sticks.
I also keep reaching for the lip shellac since I am loving how it makes my lips look fuller and the "Cherry Blossom" shade truly is so perfect for the spring!

The shadow sticks are great too but truth be told, since I spent quite a few days not home and just with a makeup bag, I accidentally left them in my shadow stick draw (yes, I have a draw. True Mallynista style.) so haven't worn them a great ton since TSV day.

actually the lippie in this picture is Mally's H3 gloss in "Orchid" but I have the TSV foundation and mascara on!

Overall, I am still thrilled with this Today's Special Value! If you missed it on TSV day, the kit is still available on here for a few bucks more at a great price, even if not as low as TSV!

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<3 Diane

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  1. Great Job!!! You look stunning! I love it too! ❤️❤️❤️


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