Aphogee Protein Treatment, Ouidad, Shea Moisture & Raw Curls

I've blogged about the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment before, it is a serious reconstructing treatment for the most damaged of hair. Using it as directed I notice such a difference in my hair! I just used it today (actually Saturday but pics were taken that day too) and have such an incredible hair day so here is a "Hair of the Day" blog with details! Continue reading for more.

Click here to read my First Use blog on the Aphogee Protein Treatment from July 2015! This post gives tons of details about what the treatment is, AND you can see just how far my hair has come in almost a year!!!

So most of the pictures in today's blog were taken late, when it was dark out with a light aimed at me. I didn't realize how washed out it made my face look until I started to blog, makeup removed and hair thrown in a bun (aka I didn't want to retake them)..so please ignore that! ;)

For the past almost year I have been doing the Aphogee Protein Treatment somewhere between every 6 to 8 weeks to help the bleach damaged parts of the ends of my hair stay in decent condition as my hair conntinues to grow out. I always know when it is time for a treatment because my ends start acting extra fuzzy, dry and unmanageable. Just like in my previous reviews, I still think it is one of the worst smelling ever and stickiest products to work with, plus it is a bit time consuming but the effectiveness and results completely outweighs all the negative nonsense!

So here is what I did today:

I used the Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Shampoo (review here) I always like to clarify my hair before treatments like this so this treatment can really penetrate on clean hair. I actually still have the same bottle I've had from last year but I have less than 1/4 left. This Shampoo is for sure a re-buy for me since it works so well.

I applied the Aphogee Protein Treatment Section by Section and used a comb to rake it through thoroughly. I then clipped my hair in 6 mini buns, with the ends sticking out this those are the damaged parts I want to be repaired. I then sat under my hooded dryer about a half hour. This treatment won't work without applying heat to it. Once I was done, I took my hair out of the buns, it feels so hard and stiff so it is super important not to rake your ringers through at this point, but I then hit it with my regular dryer on sections that needed more heat.
note: the SheaMoisture masque is a few mixed up in there

I went into the shower, rinsed out the treatment and followed it up with a mix of Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner and a jar I have with five or so SheaMoisture masques mixed together. This is to add moisture back to the hair that just got rebuilt. I left this in about another half hour while I used my NuFace facial toning device and made my lunch. Then it was back in the shower to rinse this out (See what I mean about this treatment being time comsuming??)

For my leave-in, I used SheaMoisture Professional CocoShea Biplipid Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner. I've had this jar for over a year and decided to try it! It smells like a yellow number 2 pencil (for real) but it felt nice and hydrating in my hair. I'll try and remember to do a detailed review once I use it more. I followed up with the Raw Curls Mousse and SheaMoisture High Porosity Elixir to seal. I used quite a bit of the Raw Curls Mousse today but really liked the results! I used about 4 pumps PER SECTION.

Styler Application is the same way I always do: Applied on wet hair (no towel drying first) Section by section, raking product through, scrunching at the ends and air drying with the front sections clipped back to dry looser.

I'm thrilled with today's outcome. Between the Protein Treatment, new leave in, mousse...everything. My hair was very shiny, no frizz and it was HUMID OUT and I have excellent definition! It was just bouncy and full of life. My hair looks the curliest it's looked in a while, especially underneath layers and minus the front hairlinei purposely straight out.  I wish I went somewhere more exciting today than just Target to really get the most of it, but I feel I always have the best hair days when I have nowhere special to go. heh.

took this on the way to Target with front still clipped back.
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<3 Diane

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