Awesome Hair Day using Ouidad, Raw Curls & more

After having some not so great hair days trying products that did not work for me, today (well, Saturday) my hair decided to be super nice to me! My curls were really defined, frizz was minimum, and it was just one of those days! Read on for details.

(the unmarked jar is my mix of masques)
 I decided to Shampoo with Ouidad's Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo. My hair needed a good cleaning from the heavy products and lots of dry shampoo. I haven't clarified in a few weeks so it was definitely time. This is my favorite clarifying shampoo of all time since it gets the job done while being sulfate free and stripping my hair. Plus, it smells so fruity and delicious.

To condition I used the Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner with a mix of SheaMoisture masques I have and left it in about a half hour or so before rinsing. Once I am done with this masque mix, I am going to stick to using just one at a time for a while.

Styling I used Ouidad's Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner, Raw Curls Mousse and Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil. As usual I applied each product in small sections raking them through and then scrunching at the ends. Instead of clipping both sides down to dry straighter, one side looks pretty decent for once so I let it go and just clipped the other side a little bit since the curls are nuts on the side. I let it air dry and sat out in my yard a bit to try and speed up the process.

Here are two pictures I snapped quickly while my hair was still drying and one side was clipped back:
The rest of the pictures are all outside in my yard since I have been enjoying the nice weather! Summer hasn't been too exciting yet, but i was dying to wear a dress so I threw on this pretty Lilly Pulitzer dress I got last year even though all we did that day was go grocery shopping. Once my boyfriend finishes the semester of his school, which has been so hard of him, we will be at the shore and boardwalk a lot!!
I was very happy with my definition and bounciness of my curls today! I forgot how much I enjoy Ouidad's Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner until I opened this new bottle. The scent is the same as their Sun & Sport Spray which got discontinued and I love using during the Summer. Luckily I still have 2 bottles when I hoarded them upon hearing that they were going away. I haven't used the leave-in though in quite a while for no other reason than being a bit of a product junkie. ha

My bottles of Ouidad products are a little bit older by the way. They've recently redid their packaging so if you are in Ulta looking for them, they will look different so that is something to be aware of. Speaking of Ouidad and Ulta, I picked up the trial size kit of their new Curl Immersion kit so expect a review of those products in the future!
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