Benefit Cosmetics Brow Collection: 4 Products Reviewed

If you love beauty and are on social media, I think you'd have to be hiding under a rock to not have heard about the huge launch of Benefit Cosmetics new Brow Collection! It was the biggest launch in the brand's history. Tons of important beauty influencers went to Vegas for the launch and since then they've been showing the products and I couldn't wait to try some of them! I recently got my hands on a few so here are my own thoughts on them. Continue reading for more.

Before starting, I just have to say I really do enjoy Benefit Cosmetics! I don't talk about nearly as much as I should, especially because some of their products I do reach for quite often! Maybe I should do a Benefit favorites blog??

Now back to the brows. I am fortunate, I really don't have the worst brows in the world, but my brow hairs are very light and do to some nervous anxiety tick I have where I rub the ends of my eyebrows if I get upset (why do I do this!?) my tails are getting so thin.

Whenever I do my brows, it makes a huge difference on my face. My brows are definitely sisters and not twins, they are not identical and I feel like no matter what, I'll never have those absolutely perfect "instagram brows", but these products do make them look significantly better. Also, once a month I sit through the torturous pain of getting the shape threaded, and they always looks so much better once that is done. I pluck the strays in between.
The 4 Benefit Product products I am reviewing today, three of them I actually scored as free samples!
  • BROWVO! Conditioning Brow Primer- the only full size product I have right now. I redeemed Birchbox points to get!
  • ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-gel Color- there was a sign in Sephora near Benefit that said "Ask for a free deluxe sample" so I asked and they gave. Awesome!
  • Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel- this was in this month's Birchbox
  • Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil- this was free with any purchase at Ulta. Ulta decided to send it to random members and I didn't get the e-mail (WTH, Ulta!?) but a close friend did and was kind enough to share her code with me!
With a lot of the new brow products, they come in multiple shades based on your hair color. For me, shade 1 is best but I also have shade 2 and that works as well. The colors are consistent across all the products.
snapchat filter from their launch day!

I am obsessed with the packaging of these brow products. The pretty silver tubes and pencils with pink writing and even the cardboard they come in with the cute Lady Magicians. Love it!!

Here are my eyebrows with no brow product in them
(I also have on no undereye concealer since I used this pictures recently also for a concealer review. multi tasking!)

BROWVO! Conditioning Brow Primer
They Say: It’s a brow RE-appearing act with this nutrient-rich eyebrow primer! Worn alone BROWVO! conditions & smooths brows.  Worn as a primer it enhances & extends the wear of other brow products.  This conditioning formula contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look THICKER, HEALTHIER & FULLER

I Say: I haven't been using it long enough to say it made a difference in the thickness and fullness, but I will report back on that so stay tuned. I never knew I needed a brow primer until I got this! It does make any brow product I wear on top, Benefit or not, wear all day and not budge even in humid weather, and even through taking naps.

ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-gel Color
They Say: Brush on rich, buildable color! This all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel easily fills, sculpts and defines brows. Plus the built-in hard-angled brush magically converts to a full-size brush for precise control & effortless application! 24 Hour Waterproof Wear!

I Say: I use shade 1. I really like this product a lot. It wears all day without smudging (even without the primer), even in heat and humidity. I was really able to shape and sculpt my brows nicely with the build in brush. It was easy to use. The brush inside makes it super convenient for travel. My brows didn't look harsh or scary, just defined and nicely arched.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
They Say: Our cult-favorite gimme brow tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. The custom, tiny tapered brush blends easily while the precision tip shapes hairs into place. Water-resistant & long-wearing.

I Say: I use shade 1. This is not a new product, just repackaged. The fact it is not new I truly can't believe I never tried this stuff before!! IT'S AMAZING!!! My favorite of the three eyebrow color/shaping products I've tried. I was a bit skeptical because I tried eyebrow fiber like products before and they never adhered to my skin. The tiny little spoolie is perfectly sized to define your brows exactly how you want them. This left my brows looking fuller. This one sticks to my brows and my skin where I need it, shapes them wonderfully and wears all day. My favorite thing about this product, and why it is #1 for me and I will be going to get full size is with this, I did my eyebrows faster than I ever have before! Who doesn't love a time saver??

Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil
They Say: "Presto…everyone’s an expert with this super easy filling & shaping eyebrow pencil. It features a custom, non-sharpen “goof-proof” tip, soft color and a glide-on formula for easy & fast brow filling. Comes complete with built-in blending spoolie-brush."

I Say: Pencils are usually my favorite brow product of choice and this is a great pencil. The tip is a diamond tear drop shape and makes it so easy to fill in airs for them to look very natural. Like the other products, this one wore all day and my brows looked defined, yet natural and not like they were drawn on with a sharpie. Like they say, it was also super easy to use. The one thing this does not have that the other 2 products I tried do is a gel or wax of some type to tame the unruliness, but nonetheless I still think it is a wonderful brow pencil!

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