Doll 10 Timeless Beauty Collection QVC Today's Special Value 6/14/16

YAY!!!!! I seriously could not have thought of any better word to start off this blog post with. I am BEYOND excited QVC here in the states FINALLY is giving us a Today's Special Value kit from Doris Dalton & Doll 10 Beauty!! We have not had a Doll 10 TSV since 2012!! (blame QVC, not Ms. Dalton, on that one.) Continue reading for all the info, my thoughts and pictures of this awesome collection!

 I should apologize in advance for how long this blog will be but it is because 1) There are a lot of awesome products here and 2) I'm really super excited about them!!! =D

If you don't know, a Today's Special Value is when QVC brings us an item or collection of items for one day only (or earlier if it sells out quick) priced at a crazy, unbelievable awesome deal!

The Timeless Beauty Collection from Doll 10 Beauty is a 6 piece (though I say technically 8) full face collection featuring the brand's HydraGel technology. If you love Doll 10 and have been wanting to try more products, you need this TSV! If you never tried Doll 10 but see the products on air sometimes, now is the perfect time to try!

Here is what you receive:
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About the kit:
this card came with the kit


Double-Ended Concealer and Cover Brush
Though this is one product, I like to count it as two since it is a double ended brush! The bristles are synthetic and cruelty free! They are so soft and applied the face products like a dream. I REALLY like the densely packed, flat top side for stippling in my foundation and the smaller size fits perfect under my eyes for concealer. The brush itself looks so elegant and classy to me.

HydraGel Foundation
This is the only choice you need to make in the kit- selecting your shade from Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep. I wear shade LIGHT. I reviewed this foundation last year and you can click here if you'd like to see that blog post. This is one of my top Holy Grail foundations! I love that I can build it up to full coverage, it feels like nothing on my skin and doesn't break me out! It does not settle in my pores or fine lines and leaves my skin looking like a Porcelain Doll. Originally, I was bummed it doesn't contain SPF, but I wear separate SPF anyway to make sure I apply enough so that's not a big deal to me. I also have experienced better wear time with it than my original review using different primers underneath (I can get up to 10 hours of wear with no problem now using a good primer and setting spray)
You may notice that the tube got a makeover! The new tube is easier to squeeze. I also notice that shade is a little lighter than it once was. I'm not sure exactly why- maybe because the little amount left in my old tube is a nearly a year old now? But it is worth mentioning. Light is still a great match for me, even moreso now that it is a tad lighter than it was before.

HydraGel Concealer
Doll 10 teased about the concealer by posting a picture on their Instagram months ago and I have been very impatiently waiting to get my hands on this baby ever since! They even told my on Instagram it may even be better than their Conceal-It Concealer. I found that hard to believe because that has been a HG concealer of mine and is close to perfection....but, somehow, they did it. This stuff is incredible!! It is lightweight with a very thin consistency. Like the foundation, it is buildable to full coverage. It doesn't settle into the rude fine lines that appeared around my eyes lately. I am very pleased with how well it covers my super dark, dark, dark under eye circles, even without any color corrector used underneath! Start off with a little and add more as needed. They will pick the correct concealer shade to go with the foundation shade you pick. So I have LIGHT in this concealer.

thank you Doll 10 for featuring my eyeball on your insta!
Effort Lash Mascara
Check my blog post here I did a few months ago for a very detailed, in depth review of this mascara. The cliff notes version: this stuff leaves my non-existent, super blonde, short lashes very long and beautifully defined without wearing off until I use makeup remover. I did mention in the last blog I had some brow bone transfer at times, but I fixed that problem by adding 2 drops of Make Up Forever's Aqua Seal (from Sephora) into it!!

 HydraGel Cheek Balm
The shade "Kiss on the Chic" is described as a "soft nude rose" and that is exactly what it is. A super flattering, cool, medium toned rosey pink. This formula is so nice and easy to use. Don't even bother with a brush, the warmth from fingers tapping it into the cheeks help it become one with the skin. It looks like a natural flush and you can also build up the color. Because I have combination skin, this was not the most long wearing blush ever on me, but it did wear nicely for a few hours and is super quick and simple for me to re-apply. You can also use this on your lips or eyes if you'd like. I like to rub a little into my crease on easy, natural makeup days.

Nude Lip Wardrobe
Doris Dalton is a lipstick creator genius. Her lip formulas are always so so good! This is an awesome 2 in 1 Lipstick and Lipgloss. The Lipstick color is "Doll Code" and Lip Gloss is "Miss Priss" both soft nude rose shades to match the cheek color. To me, this is a nude lip done right. I don't like when lipstick looks like concealer or has too tan or beige of a tone to it. Rather, this is a nice medium pink shade just like the cheek balm that isn't too light and not too intense or bright. I adore Doll 10's double ended lipstick and lipglosses, I have quite a few of them! They smell like vanilla, yum! The lipstick is very pigmented, you only need one swipe and it feels nice and moisturizing on the lips. The lip gloss is not sticky or tacky but has excellent shine and color payoff and makes the lips look fuller. What is extra cool about this, if you own a few of these you can mix and match them since the lipstick and gloss do attach from one another. They are brilliant!!!


No Flash: Cheek Balm, Lipstick, Lipgloss, Gloss over Lipstick, Foundation, Concealer
Flash: Cheek Balm, Lipstick, Lipgloss, Gloss over Lipstick, Foundation, Concealer

no makeup at all
The whole TSV (and a clear face primer)
Whole TSV + contour & Doll 10 Creme Brow Fix in "Blonde" & Doll 10 Finishing Touch Blending Powder

At the beach later in the day! No touch ups at all!!
 The Doll 10 Timeless Beauty Collection will be the QVC Today's Special Value on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.
The price will be $49.98 (plus tax and shipping)
You also have the option to go on Auto Delivery where you will recieve a total of four shipments of the kit with new blush and lippie shades, but no brush.

Item # A279536 for one time shipment
Item # A282003 for auto delivery
*note these item #s are good on June 14th.

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  1. This makes me want to purchase Doll 10 makeup! I love those brushes!

    1. Doll 10 is amazing!! You should totally get the kit!

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