Post Workout Day 2 Hair Routine

Hey everyone! So I'm sure you probably noticed most of my "Hair of the Days" have been on freshly washed Day 1 hair. Truth be told, I've been doing some intense workouts and since I haven't really been doing anything or going anywhere exciting for the most part, most of my Day 2 and 3 hairs consist of dry shampoos, some leave in and just throwing it back. Well today I decided to put effort into my Day 2 hair and am going to share my current routine. Read on for more.

For those curious, the workouts I have been doing have been a various mix of Jillian Michaels DVDs. I love her routines because they are challenging but you can still modify and she really motivates and pushes me to give it my all like no other! Plus most of the routines are only a half hour long which is sweet!!! Nonetheless, after these workouts I am sweating so bad and my head is a disaster. In an ideal world, I'd wash it every day but I don't have the patience to style it and wait all that time air drying day after day (my hair can take up to 6 hours to air dry, sometimes more.)

immediately after workout when I take my hair done..NOT CUTE
Dry Shampoo is my best friend and I have tried so many formulas. I think I may even use up more dry shampoo than I do conditioners! This is a must as soon as I finish my work out, before getting in the shower even. A few of my favorite formulas include the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and the Amika Dry Shampoo from Birchbox. More recently however, I have been using Tweak-d's 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray since it is part shampoo and it is wonderful. It doesn't dry out my hair, contains conditioners, ceramides, amino acids and good ingredients for my hair, doesn't have parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or synthetics and has that same delicious smell as the cleansing cream I recently reviewed here. I spray my scalp in 7 lines from front to back, count to 20 and then massage it in with the pads of my fingers. Sweat be gone!

Something that has become a necessity when I work out, and also every single time I throw my hair up, are the invisibobble hair ties! They look like old school telephone wires but they don't leave that dreaded "ponytail" dent other hair ties do. I'm so prone to that annoying dent that these are worth every penny. I believe both Sephora AND Ulta carry them now!

During my workouts I also wear a headband to try to help soak of sweat from my hairline. It works sometimes but more importantly it also helps keep my hair off my face.

After dry shampoo and my post work out shake, I'll jump in the shower and do my skincare and everything. Once I am all done it is time to resurrect my hair from looking terrible to looking decent!

First I'll take a refresher spray and there are a few I like. Right now I've been reaching for the Tweak-d Rev-d Ultra Nourishing Mist that I reviewed here. Other sprays I like a lot include the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist and Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Mist.

I'll immediately follow up with either a cream or softer hold gel depending. I was using a mix of SheaMoisture Milks or Devacurl Styling Cream for a while which was great and now I've been using the Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel.
I use about that much of cream or gel per section for 7 sections
Just like when I get out of the shower for styling, I apply the products section by section smoothing it down and scrunching a bit to re-encourage curl. I also have to reclip my hairline pieces back since the curl formation of them is not pretty when left to dry on their own. I then have to wait a little while to dry, but it doesn't take nearly as long than if I were to wet it again completely! Once my hair is all dry, usually I will add an oil over it to help with frizz and shine. I've been liking Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil lately for second and third day hair lately but really any silicone free oil blend is good.

Since it is another gorgeous day outside, I took advantage of it and once again went in the backyard for pictures. My poor boyfriend only wanted to nap when he got home from work but I begged for pics instead. (he's napping now as I type. LOL)

My roots weren't completely dry yet, but I wanted outdoor shots before it got darker outside.

Often, if we have somewhere nice to be on the weekend I will rather work with my Day 2 hair, even after a work out! It takes less time to air dry than Day 1 hair and thanks to sleeping and sweating on it, my hair doesn't have as much puff. If I am going somewhere at nice I will also add a hair spray on top for some extra hold and frizz control.

To see what I used for Day 1 hair, check out yesterday's post here.

Products Used in This Post (PS It is SO HARD to photograph the Raw Curls labels!)
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