SheaMoisture Salon Professional Curl Memory Leave In & Color Glaze

Today I will be reviewing two products from the SheaMoisture Salon Professional line: The Cocoshea Biolipid Complex™ Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner and Baotein Precious Oils Complex™ Vibrant Color Clear Shine Glaze. I actually bought these a while ago and they've been hanging out in my stash. I've used both enough now to where I was able to form an opinion about them. Continue reading for more!

The Salon Professional line from SheaMoisture is their pricier, more high end line. Honestly, I'm not sure of the true difference between these and their "regular" line that is at a lower price point.

I wasn't feeling good most of today so these are all makeup free pictures. heh.
I've used both products together, separate and with a few different hair products that I like and know my results to really try them out. I'm sorry to say but both of these products just did not work for my hair! I'm equally shocked and disappointed, as most of the time SheaMoisture stuff gives me such incredible results.

Cocoshea Biolipid Complex™ Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner
What They Say: "Curl Memory Leave-In Conditioner Discover the difference natural science makes to curly hair. Our proprietary Cocoshea Biolipid Complex™ helps define and lengthen even the tightest curls to reduce shrinkage. Natural lipids sheathe hair strands to help block humidity. This rich styling aid smoothes down hair cuticles and enhances curl patterns. Locks in definition while blocking humidity for lasting curl memory and frizz-free styles. Certified organic Shea Butter, Cupuaçu Butter and Black Seed Oil blend in a nourishing formula while Agave Nectar helps reduce frizz."

What I Say: I must address the smell of this product before anything else: it stinks! The scent is like a yellow number 2 pencil and sadly, it lingers all day and gives me a headache. Yes, this leave in is very moisturizing, it left my hair soft and smooth and I also like the fact every time I used it, no matter what styling products, cleanser and conditioner I paired it with, I got a great increase in curl definition. My hair also didn't puff up at all and it combated frizzies quite nicely. However, despite how little amount I used, it was just too heavy for my hair. This is a new concept to me, since my hair was so badly bleach damaged and colored for so long I used to never find products to be too heavy or weighing my hair down. Since I now have 16 months (!!) worth of virgin, healthy hair, my needs are changing and I don't need quite as much heavy duty moisture. If your hair is bleach damaged, or extremely dry with a tighter curl pattern, this will probably work for you. For me, there are other (and less expensive) SheaMoisture leave ins that are more optimal for my mane.

Baotein Precious Oils Complex™ Vibrant Color Clear Shine Glaze

What They Say: "Vibrant Color Care Shine Glaze Discover the difference natural science makes to color treated hair. Our proprietary natural Baotein Precious Oils Complex™ replenishes moisture and aids recovery of strength and elasticity. This salon quality lightweight glaze silkens hair and delivers incredible shine while refreshing color vibrancy. Certified organic Shea Butter combines with moisturizing oils and plant-based sun filters to help prevent fading. Ultimate clear shine boosting for all hair colors"

What I Say: Unlike the leave in, I detected no scent whatsoever in this Glaze. I actually originally bought this thinking it was some kind of in shower treatment to make my hair more shiny, but really it is a glorified oil blend that I used to seal my hair when styling after leave in and a product styler (cream or gel). This glaze certainly gives my hair shine, and it helped with frizz and left my hair soft. But for whatever reason, just like the leave in, no matter how little I used (and believe me I went super easy) my hair just looked a bit too producty, heavy and weighed down. I didn't love this glaze and there are other SheaMoisture oil blends I adore (like the High Porosity Elixir I used nonstop for months and finished!) to where I can't see myself using this any more as a styler. However, I do plan on using this as an overnight pre poo oil treatment the night before washing now to get the benefits of the oils and healing properties inside.

Here are pictures from today. I styled as usually raking each product through sections of my hair, scrunching at the end and air drying as usual. My hair is actually completely dry in these pictures, even if it kind of looks wet. Certainly not my best hair day but there have been days I've used these where my hair looked even more oily!!

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