Tarte x Grav3YardGirl Swamp Queen Palette & 2 Looks!

Tarte Cosmetics recently collaborated with Grav3YardGirl from YouTube and released a stunning new palette! I was lucky to snatch one up during the pre order a couple of weeks ago, but if you missed it don't worry because it will be on tarte.com this week and is also coming to retail soon. This blog post is my review of this palette and some looks I did with it. Continue reading for more!

When I saw the shades in this palette, I instantly fell in love! They are colors and shades I gravitate towards often and then it hit me: Bunny (Grav3yardgirl) and I have very similar skin tones, eye and hair colors! She made this palette using shades she often gravitates towards and look nice on her, so I guess it makes sense why I was drawn to the colors, too. =)
 This palette is super travel friendly! It contains 9 shadows, a bronzer, blush, highlighter and mini brush! It also houses a HUGE mirror!! On top of that, it smells like vanilla marshmallow (same scent as the tartlette in bloom and double duty beauty palettes) This may be one of my favorite taste palettes ever! Side note: taste, please make some kind of perfume in this sweet scent. pretty please??
Thank you tarte for including a mini brush in this palette! I love tiny little eyeshadow brushes since I feel I can get detailed and a bit more precise with them. It could have been double ended like the brush from the beMattenificent palette was, but heck I'm just happy the palette included a brush at all! The brush works well on any part of the eye: lid, crease, outer V. It's so cute!
The one thing about this palette people may not like is it does have quite a bit of sparkle in it. I personally don't mind it, but it is worth address. I do wish the bronzer didn't have sparkles but Bunny made the shades the way she likes them and that's what she likes! The bronzer (as well as blush and highlighter) can all also double as shadow shades.

Aside from the gorgeous shadow shades, I was also happy to see that the blush, "Does This Thing Really Work?" is a beautiful, cool toned brighter pink as opposed to say a peach or coral shade. More often than not, I reach for pink blushes so this will be used quite often. This blush is so crazy pigmented the first couple times I used it I picked up way too much! Oops!

These shadows are also extremely pigmented, buttery and blend like a dream! To me, these are some of the best shadows that tarte has ever done! In my looks I am wearing them over my favorite eyeshadow primer, tarte's CC Colored Clay Eye Primer Stick but what really impressed me was days I was in a rush, I swiped a shade just over my lids without primer and not only was the pigment there, it also lasted all day!! However, these shadows do have a bit more fall out than other tarte shadows so be sure to tap excess off your brush before applying. The shadows having fall out and also having sparkle did mean I did wind up with sparkles all over my face. As I said, this is not a big drawback for me, but I could see it being so for some people.

The shadows are arranged to create looks super easily by going across in a horizontal line to have the colors go together. But of course, you can have fun with it and play how you want!

Here are my swatches with and without flash of all the shades. The shade "big baby" is practically the color of my skin so I had a hard time getting it to show up. I did use this for my advantage and set my undereye concealer with it!
no flash

Brow Bone: "Big Baby"
Crease and Lower Lash Line: "Uncommon"
Lid: "Haunting"
Liner: "Mancat"
Inner Corner of Eyes: "Gater Wings"

Look #2
Brow Bone: "Gator Wings"
Crease: "Haunting"
Lower Lash Line: "Uncommon"
Lid: "#SFS"
Liner: "Sippy Sippy"
Outer V: "Does This Thing Really Work?"

I'm actually wearing all tarte in these photos! Aside from the Swamp Queen Palette, here is what I have on:
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
  • Skinny SmolderEyes Linder in "black" (upper waterline)
  • Inner Rim Brightener (lower waterline)
  • Clean Slate Poreless Primer
  • Colored Clay CC Eye Primer Stick
  • Amazonian Clay Mousse Foundation in "Light"
  • Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector in "Light-Medium"
  • Aquacealer in "Light"
  • Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse in "Taupe"
  • Tarteist Contour Palette Shades 3 & 4 to contour
  • Smooth Operator Pressed Powder in :Light"
  • Drench Splash Lipstick in "Cabana Boy" (look #1)
  • Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Gloss in "Basic" (look #2)

Sadly my beloved Lash Paint Mascara got dried out after 2 and a half months from using it nonstop but I used another tarte mascara, Lights, Camera, Lashes. I will be picking up more Lash Paint as soon as I can though since I've been without it I've realized that tube of glory is my favorite mascara of all time.

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<3 Diane

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  1. Seriously gorgeous palette! I love the looks you created with it!


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