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Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture: The brand name and product names are long, but man are they nice and effective! I've blogged about several products from this newer line before, and even zipped through a tube of the Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Defining Butter Crème because I loved it so much (it's on my re-buy list for Sephora's fall sale). Today I will be talking about one of the products from their treatment line, the Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment. Read on for more.

  Here is what says about the product: 
 "What it is: A powerful, protein-packed reconstructer that helps fortify hair and prevent breakage.

What it is formulated to do: Ultra-nourishing Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment deeply penetrates to support the building blocks of hair—restoring and rebuilding dry, brittle strands damaged by chemical treatment, heat styling, and environmental aggressors. Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.

What else you need to know:
Standout styles start with healthy hair. This universal collection, Dream Come True, is for all hair types and includes intensive reparative treatments to repair, rebuild, and hydrate your scalp and strands. Each product features notes of white flower and warm vanilla for a subtle scent."

So this is part of the treatment line as I mentioned before, and I also have the Dream Come True Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque. I will review that at a later date, as, I wanted to use the products separately so I can see what they really do on their own along with products I've been using and already know the results of.

Protein treatments are an important part of any healthy hair regimen, especially if you do anything chemically to your hair. The ends of my hair still have color and bleach in them and are still so damaged, even though I have almost 17 months of virgin new growth now! My ends are in need of a trim and have been particularly frizzy and hay like more recently, so I think the ends want a bit more protein.

Something important to note with most protein treatments out there is that they are made to reconstruct and repair the hair- so they do make the hair stronger. However, it is ESSENTIAL to follow protein treatments with something very moisturizing to seal it and balance it out. If you do any protein treatment, and your hair feels stiff, hard or brittle after, you may not of followed up with enough moisture.
The scent of this treatment, and the whole Dream Come True line is described as "Subtle notes of white flower and warm vanilla" I don't think it is subtle. The scent is strong but it is wonderful! Smelling from the bottle, it was a bit too powerfully floral for me but once I had the product in my hand and applied in my hair is was a perfect mix of powdery florals with sweet vanilla and really nice.

The directions state to dampen hair and leave the product in up to 15 minutes. If you want, you can add heat to intensify the treatment. Then follow up with shampoo and conditioner and style as usual. I wet my hair and applied the product in sections and then added the heat from my handheld blow dryer for about 15 minutes, really focusing on the damaged ends. Once that was done I went back in the shower, cleansed, conditioned and styled as usual.

I noticed that this protein treatment didn't leave my hair feeling hard or stiff right after like other protein treatments have. Even as I was rinsing it before shampoo and conditioner my hair felt soft.

Here is everything I used after the Pre-Wash Protein Treatment:
  • Shampoo: Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Cleanser
  • Conditioner: Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner (left in about 7 minutes)
  • Stylers: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In, Ouidad Dry Recovery Curl Souffle (I think this has been discontinued), SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil Protect Serum

I allowed my hair to air dry and clipped the front pieces back as usual. I wound up taking a nap while my hair was still a bit wet and due to that, the back of my hair did get wonky, so there is no picture of the back of my head. Also, due to laying down on wet hair there was a bit of frizz that wouldn't have been there if I didn't. I went in with a little more oil to try and fix it and MAY have been a too heavy handed. Ooopps.

Even when my hair was wet I noticed a lot of shine, and my hair feels really, really soft! It looked great until I napped (side note: bad thunderstorms brought on a flare up and made me feel terrible) The ends do feel a bit less fuzzy. I didn't have super crazy defined curls, but that also could have been due to my nap and laying down. But so far, I do like this Pre-Wash Protein Treatment!

The directions also said to use this once every other week so that is what I plan on doing. I will blog again next time I use it and I hope to see cumulative improvements with this product, and even moreso when I add in the Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask.

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