Mally Beauty Muted Muse Shadow Palette with Double Ended Brush plus 3 Looks!

Mally recently had a One Time Only Value on QVC (price will never be that low again, but it is still available) and I was actually on vacation and almost missed it, but the "amazois" Ms. Mally posted it on her instagram, I just so happened to check my feed and saw it, and ordered off my phone without even seeing the presentation. So so so glad Mally posted about it and I ordered because the Muted Muse Shadow Palette and Double Ended Brush are fantastic! Read on for more.

Here is what says about them:
"Muted Muse includes eight of Mally's personal favorite shadow shades--now in one must-have portable palette! This assortment of light, medium, and deep shades in both cool and warm tones adds subtle depth and dimension while flattering all eye colors. The unique palette design features two larger wells of the most wearable base shades, which are perfect for highlighting, contouring, and beautifully complement the other shades in the collection.With a velvety-smooth formula that glides on and lasts, these shadows are the perfect combination of matte and shimmer, so you can create endless eye looks."

A few months ago I reviewed Mally's Ageless Eyes Palette (read that review here) and since then, I've been hoping more palettes would come out!

First about the brush. This is such a nice eyeshadow brush and should not be discounted! I especially adore the side for the crease. The ball shape is perfection for getting powder exactly where you need it to be. The other side is flat and a bit large. I really like it for getting my base color and also for under my brow bone but I do reach for a smaller, flatter brush to pack shadow onto my lid (the double ended brush that came with that palette I mentioned earlier is great for that)

The formula of these shadows are so good. Mally makes some of my very powder eyeshadows out there. They are high pigment, buttery and easily blendable. When worn over an eyeshadow primer, they last on me until I wash them off at night with no issue. I also don't experience fall out with them which is wonderful! There are 4 shimmer, 2 mattes and then the two larger sizes with the bronzer being more matte and the highlight having just the perfect touch of glow.

I really like that this palette has a larger size highlight and bronzer color so we can use them on eyes and face without the fear of running out. That's brilliant! Especially that highlight shade, "Awakening" since it's perfect brow bone/blend out color I use every time I reach for the palette.

The palette isn't gigantic, plus there is a nice size mirror on the inside of the lid so once you combine that with that fact this has 8 shadows plus bronzer and highlighter, this is great for travel! You can also use the shades "Euphoria" and "Insight" with a liner brush as eyeliners!

There are a few standout shades for me.
"Daydream" is the perfect pale, cool toned pink that I could wear on my lid every day for the rest of my life and be okay with. On days I want a more natural, basic look I find myself using "Awakening" on the brow bone, "Daydream" on the lid and it brightens up my face and I'm good to go. "Inspire" is also such a beautiful one and done easy lid shade.

I have to admit, I was scared of the shade "Illumination" A burnt orange color, I didn't think I'd ever reach for it and couldn't understand why it was in there, as I didn't feel it would match. Once I finally used it, it is much more tamed down when blended and goes with the other palette colors so beautifully! Don't be scared of this color like I was.

palette without flash
swatches without flash
palette with flash
swatches with flash


Look #1
"Awakening" under brow bone
"Inspire" in crease
"Daydream" on lid
"Fancy" on outer V
"Insight" used wet as liner

Look #2
"Awakening" under brow bone
"Euphoria" in crease
"Inspire" on lid
"Insight" to line

Look #3
"Awakening" under brow bone
"Illumination" in crease
"Daydream" on lid
"Inspire" on outer V
"Insight" used wet as liner

In all 3 looks, I am wearing Mally Beauty More is More mascara!

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<3 Diane


  1. No one is really talking about it. I ordered it yesterday after I saw Emily Noel talk about it in her July favorites! I can't wait for it to get here!!!!

    1. I know I feel like Mally Beauty never gets as much attention as they deserve!

  2. HI Diane, I bought this pallet based on your review and really do love it! Mally owes you one. I follow Emily and I know she is a big Mally fan too. I will have to go back and watch her July favorites. Mally owes you one! I would not have know about this pallet if not for you- Thank you!! :)

    1. so glad you like it! Please feel free to let Mally know on social media you got the palette because of my review- that would be super awesome!!! :) <3


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