Mally Beauty Start-to-Finish Brightening and Finishing Powder

The Mally Beauty Start-to-Finish Brightening and Finishing Powder with Puff is a new product Mally recently launched on QVC! Weird to think of Mally doing a powder since she is anti-translucent powder, but this only means that when she does do a powder, she knows how to do it right! I'm crazy about this product! Read on for more.
I would have had this review up weeks ago, but my original powder arrived completely smashed and all over the place and QVC took their sweet time sending me out a replacement. But at least they sent it and it was hassle free, so all is good. Side note- that's actually the FOURTH powder product in the last 2 months that came to me smashed! The Postal Service needs to chill out with rough handling my packages. Anyway...

Here is what says about the product:
"Mally's got the secret to looking naturally sculpted and contoured, from start to finish. It's her Start-to-Finish Reverse Contour Powder!

Mally knows how important beauty shortcuts can be (hello, busy mornings), so she's created this superfine powder to be the finishing step to "baking" your makeup. This lightweight powder absorbs shine and gives skin a flawlessly smooth look wherever it's applied. The result is highlighted cheekbones, a sculpted jawline, and a "gorgois" face that's ready to take on the day.

How do I use it: After applying concealer where needed, simply pat a generous amount of Start-to-Finish Reverse Contour Powder under the eyes, down the nose, and under the hollows of the cheeks. Wait five minutes. Then, use the puff to buff out and blend."

Before even talking about the powder I must rave about the Puff is comes with!! I adore this puff!! I like it for not only using this product, but to apply my powder foundation which I've been using lately as well. It is soft and just helps product melt into the skin so wonderfully, and with powder foundation it gives me a more full coverage than a makeup brush does. Only silver lining of my first powder arriving broken is I did score an extra one of these little gems. hehehe

The product comes in one universal, pale banana yellow type shade. It doesn't settle into my fine lines or pores which is good since my very favorite way to use it has been to set undereye concealer. By setting my concealer (Mally or other brands) with this, the concealer stays put all day, even in this wicked humidity that has been going on lately. The yellow shade works great for my fair-light skin and helps cancel out the darkness of my dark, dark, dark circles. 

 I also like to use this with the puff down my nose, above my lips and then I take a large brush and do a very light dusting all over my face. This helps a bit with shine and also makes my whole face look more lit up. Since my skin has been more on the oily side lately, and it's been hot and I sweat, I do still use my HG Mally Beauty Face Defender on top. If you have dry skin, or don't get as shiny as I do, I think using this powder alone will be enough to set the skin and help with any shine.
no flash, swatched heavy
flash, swatched heavy
Overall, though on certain areas of the face this may be an additional layer, it feels lightweight and adds a nice brightness plus mattification (is that a real word?) to my skin so I don't mind the extra step for the benefits it provides!
full face makeup without this powder

full face powder with this powder concentrated under eyes, around mouth, nose and light dusting all over
The before and after is not the most dramatic difference in the world, but it still adds a nice lightness and brightness to my face which I really appreciate. I see the difference even moreso in real life.

Another side note, I've been using so many Mally Beauty products in my every day makeup routine lately because I find that no matter how hot it gets, they stay on my face and don't budge! Amazing!! The foundation and concealer I have on in these pictures are Mally's See the Light Concealer and Poreless Perfection Powder Foundation, both in shades LIGHT.

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<3 Diane

P.S. My review and looks on Mally's new Muted Muse palette will be up next week ;)

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  1. I really need to check out the See the Light Concealer!


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